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PCB Material Resistant Harsh Environment UHF Anti-metal Tag

PCB Anti-metal Tag , ,

Good resistant high temperature performance, suitable for high temperature production line project.

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Physical Specifications
Size (mm) 51x36x7mm (2.01×1.42xO.28inch)

Mounting Method: Screws

Material: FR4, Reinforced nylon


Electronic Specifications
Chip: Impinj Monza 4E, 4QT
Operating Frequency: 902~928MHz(US)
865~868 MHz(EU)
Communication protocol: EPC Global C1 Gen2, ISO 18000-6C
EPC: 496 bits/128 bits
User Memory: Up to 512 bits
TID: 96 bits
Access Key: 32 bits
Permanent Failure Key: 32 bits
Reading Distance: 1~6m depending on reader type and environment

Environmental Specifications
Operation Temperature:-50℃~+200℃
Storage Temperature:-50℃~+200℃
Extreme storage Temperature:-60℃~+250℃
IP rating: IP68
Humidity: 85%RH

PCB Material UHF Anti-metal Tag is suitable for adhering to the metal surface and working RFID tags, PCB material encapsulated, the antenna is a specially designed internal circuit, the chip is welded on the antenna and epoxy potting protection. This label affixed to the surface of metal objects can still achieve the workability of ordinary RFID tags attached to the surface of wooden objects, cartons and other objects, and has great application value.
PCB UHF anti-metal tag can be encapsulated within the different UHF chip and different UHF antenna, which have different read-write distance and characteristics, but overall, compared with high-frequency tag with a read distance, anti-collision ability, induction Fast speed and other characteristics, but also durable and can be used in harsh environments. Can be widely applied to logistics management, product tracking, product security, warehousing management, production control, vehicle management, etc. For example: dangerous-Gas cylinder management; power-industry inspection management, the resistant to harsh high temperature PCB anti-metal tag can be used in high-temperature industrial production lines, have a good operating experience.

Optional specification size: diameter 10×3mm, diameter 20×1mm, 10×3.5×1mm, 12×4×1.6mm, 12×7×1.6mm, 12×7×2.5mm, 17×9×1.6mm, 22×8×2.5mm, 25×9×2.5mm, 18×8×2.5mm, 36×13×2.5mm, 40×10×2.5mm, 50×20×3mm, 50×25×1mm, 51×36×7mm, 52×13×2.5mm, 60×25×3.4mm, 79×20×3mm, 80×12×3mm, 90×11×3mm, 95×25×3mm. Can customize the specification size.

Main feature
Exquisite form, capable of long reading distance
Exceptional durability on metal surfaces
Ultra high temperature resistance
Ultra low temperature resistance

BY5136 is a UHF passive tag with excellent performance while tracking metal assets, especially in harsh environments, such as:
Manufacturing: molds, spare parts which need ultra high temperature processing
Automobile: automotive part painting and heating
High-temperature processing production lines

Exquisite form, capable of long reading distance
Exceptional durability on metal surfaces
Ultra high temperature resistance
Ultra low temperature resistance


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