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Product Model: BY7804

Customizable sizes, shapes and RFID chip types.

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Main technical parameters
Communication protocol: ISO 15693/ISO 18000-6C (EPC C1 GEN2)
Operating frequency: HF 13.56MHz/UHF 840~960MHz
Integrated chip: TI2048, ICODE 2, Alien Higgs3, etc. (can be packaged on demand)
Storage capacity: 1k/2k (can be customized)
Reading and writing distance: 10cm~4m (customized according to project needs)
Working temperature: -25℃~+85℃
Packaging material: PVC+3M+ epoxy resin
Surface treatment: soft crystal glue
Label adhesive: 3M VHB foam glue
Product size: 26×42mm,30×50mm,40×60mm,50×35mm,86×54mm, optional with or without holes
Installation method: optional paste/screw/bundle

The RFID electric power cable inspection tag is mainly designed with anti-metal absorbing technology, good RF sensing in metal environments. The RFID chip can store user-specified content and other updated information. It has the characteristics of anti-metal, bending resistance, high and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and water resistance. The label is beautiful and generous, and it is easy to identify. Optional direct paste or bundle or screw fixing.
Tag surface can be customized according to customer's documents or design printed graphics LOGO or text.

Main feature
Data and power supply is transmitted in a contactless manner (no battery power required)
Operating distance: 10cm~4m (customized according to project needs)
Operating frequency: 13.56MHz/840~960MHz (in line with industrial safety, the license is free to use worldwide)
True anti-collision: allows multiple tags to be read simultaneously
Support data encryption, each sector password is managed separately
More than 10 years of data retention
The erasing cycle is more than 100,000 times
Each tag has an unchangeable unique identifier (serial number) that guarantees global uniqueness for each tag

Application areas
Urban construction facility management, municipal engineering, subway, underground pipelines, cylinders and power grids, hazardous chemicals management, smart cities, IoT applications, product identification, vehicle identification, fixed asset management, etc.


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