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RFID Pigeon Foot Ring, RFID Poultry Foot Ring Sign

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Optional protocol standard: ISO11784, ISO11785, FDX-B, or ISO14443, ISO15693, ISO18000-6C.

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RFID chip: EM4100, EM4305, TK4100, Phillips, TI, Temic, inside, ATMEL, HiTag-S256, etc.
Memory capacity: 64 bits/256 bits/2048 bits
Material: ABS, PP
Working frequency: LF 125KHz, 134.2KHz, HF 13.56MHz, UHF 860~960MHz
Protocol standard: ISO11784, ISO11785, FDX-B, or ISO14443, ISO15693, ISO18000-6C
Support ISO 11784 animal track data standard
Support ISO 11785 animal track electrical standard
Read distance: 2cm-1m ( different chips and reader, induction distance different )
Dimensions: Pigeon foot ring 12x10mm (inner diameter 8.0mm, can be adjusted)
Chickens ducks goose foot ring 12x25mm (inner diameter 20.0mm, inner diameter can be adjusted 19~21mm)
Working temperature: -40℃~+85℃
Storage temperature: -55℃~+100℃
Weight: 1.2g/3.6g
Color optional: blue, orange, black, or customized

RFID poultry foot ring sign electronic tag is composed of data storage integrated circuit and induction coil. When it is within the launch of the electromagnetic field in the read/write device, radio frequency induced current label, so as to gain energy, activate data memory,read and write to read and write data to or receive data, thus completing data response process. Foot ring chip can choose EM, Phillips, TI, Temic, inside, ATMEL chip series. Work frequency LF, HF, UHF. Non-contact, Read-only, or read/write electronic tags. Waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion, high/low temperature resistance.
Foot ring surface can be laser etched serial number or code, printing LOGO or pattern, etc.
Foot ring strict disinfection treatment when leaving the factory.
Products include: open-loop foot ring, closed-loop foot ring, opening and closed-loop foot ring, three kinds. Used for birds, animals, chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, pigeons, etc. Open-loop or closed-loop: On-demand customization.
Using UHF chip, reading distance can reach 50~100cm.
Installation: foot ring set in poultry legs,buckle fastening buckle size can be adjusted according to the thickness of poultry legs.

Consumer circulation, product identification, animal management, pigeons race, pigeon racing identity management, poultry breeding stock breeding, fowl feeding, disease prevention, food traceability, meat quarantine on animals and food information management.


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