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RFID Plastic Buried Tag, UHF Plastic Underground Tag

Buried Tag/Cement Tag , , ,

Model: BY6861

Suitable for the underground cable, manhole covers, underground pipes, and cement structure.

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Protocol standards: ISO 18000-6C (EPC C1 Gen2)
Operating frequency: 860~960MHz
RFID chip: Alien H3,etc.
Electrostatic protection: ESD>1.5KV
Environmental protection: RoHS compliant
Service life: >10 years
Read distance: >8M (in an open environment, >1M (dry sand cover), >65cm (buried)
ID write: Can be repeated 10000 times
Working temperature: -25℃~+85℃
Material: Epoxy resin+Aluminum etching RFID tag, or PVC and other materials
Size: Φ100mm, thickness 10mm, or customized
Weight: 30g

RFID plastic buried electronic tag made of special process, can be directly buried tags cement road surface or underground, is suitable for the underground cable, manhole covers, underground pipes and other applications. Can be used to mark inside the wall or the ground under the location information of the object, technology can also be used to read and write files precast concrete cement, it will permanently remain in the concrete component. This special tag will be the identification of the component and can be used as the E-Guide for the blind. Just use the RFID reader to scan around the surface to find the tags and read the information. It can also be fixed on outdoor objects.
ODM and OEM products according to customer's demand.

Application scenario:
1. The oil (gas) pipeline buried in the ground cannot accurately find its specific location;
2. The sewer pipe buried in the ground cannot accurately find the specific position of the connecting valve;
3. The pipeline buried in the wall cannot accurately locate the connection point.
How to use: Embed the RFID plastic buried tags in 2-3cm deep cement or soil.


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