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EM4423 Inlay, NFC + UHF Dual Frequency Tag

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EM4423 Inlay can be made into dry inlay, wet inlay, self-adhesive label(nalepka), encapsulated PVC plastic card, etc.

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Model: YB4423
Chip: EM4423
Protokol Standardna: ISO / IEC14443A, EPC Class 1 Gen 2, ISO 18000-6C
frekvenca: 13.56MHz / 860~ 960MHz
uporabnik pomnilnika: 1920 bitov / 160 bitov
delovna temperatura: -40° C ~ + 85 ° C
Inlay Velikost: 77x36mm
aluminij Jedkanje: 30um
Podlaga: PET / 38μm

Swatch Group (EM MICROELECTRONIC) world first RFID chip EM4423 with UHF EPC Gen2V2 RF and NFC Type 2 interface fully supports the EPC feature, which is ideally suited to the retail logistics and inventory control of manufacturers/brands, and can also be implemented with consumers. Inter-communication marketing and advertising have achieved product-level control of the product.
The chip comes with an ordinary rewritable memory area that supports UID and privacy protection. The EM4423 also simplifies the EPC storage control program to ease the investment of small retailers in specialized RFID devices and software. These similar functions can only be operated by using mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets, and installing applications.
EM4423 Inlay can be made into dry inlay, wet inlay, self-adhesive label(nalepka), encapsulated PVC plastic card, etc.

Inlay Features
Dual Frequency 1-step inlay manufacturing
Dual-interface memory access (NFC and/or EPC interface)
Long-distance EPC data fast acquisition
Common unique ID
Shared memory
Minimum 100k write cycles endurance
Minimum 10 let hrambe podatkov
Enhanced privacy features, added EPC Gen2V2 "UNTRACEABLE" command
At least 2kbit user data space
Extended temperature range (-40° C ~ + 85 ° C)

Product Information
Wifi, Bluetooth pairings
Smart posters, Advertisings
Coupons, loyalty programs
Upravljanje dobavne verige
Tracking and tracing
Container identification
Asset control

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