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EM Card / IC Card Dual Frequency Access Control Reader, LF / HF Dual Frequency Access Control Reader

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Model: KR100S-04

Compatible with both 125KHz EMID and 13.56MHz IC card dual frequency access card.

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Card support: EM4102 ID card+IC card
Read card frequency: 125KHz+13.56MHz
Working mode: Wiegand26/Wiegand34 (password output is Wiegand8)
Read distance: 5cm (ID thick card 8cm)/5cm
Working voltage: DC5~16V, standard DC 12V
Working current: 70mA
Read card speed: <0.2s
Read card interval: <0.5s
Communication distance: 100 meters
Transmission: real-time
Working temperature: -25℃~+75℃
Ambient humidity: 10-90%
Dimensions: 140×100×25mm
Shell material: PVC and plastic spray, the internal filling black resin
Indicate: Built-in double color LED and buzzer

ID Card / IC Card Dual Frequency Access Reader is developed by the Seabreeze Smart Card Co.,Ltd for the best-selling products in the market, compatible with both EMID and IC card frequency access card, can output Wiegand 26 or Wiegand 34 format, a variety of shapes to choose from.

Product features
Universal Wiegand output interface, compatible with most Wiegand protocol controllers on the market.
Intuitive clear LED lights and buzzer sound, to ensure the user's use of the operation is valid.
ID card is Wiegand26 for read frequency
IC card is Wiegand34 for read frequency
Shell material of PVC and plastic spraying, internal filling and black resin adhesive, which can effectively waterproof
Installation is quick and easy

Access control
Membership management
Time attendance management
Production process management


Competitive Advantage:
Experienced Staff;
Excellent quality;
Best price;
Fast delivery;
Large capacity and a wide range of products;
Accept small order;
ODM and OEM products according to customer's demand.


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