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Модел производа: RK406 series

Optional version in Chinese or English.
Optional model reading high-frequency 13.56MHz IC card or low-frequency 125KHz EMID card.

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Technical Parameters
Снага: DC 4.2V
Потрошња струје: 5В
Приказ: 160×160 LCD display
Memory: 4M bit FLASH memory
Data retention period: 50 године
Maximum capacity: 30,000 (English) или 13,000 (Chinese)
Communication method: РС232 / 485, support TCP/IP protocol
Output format: WG26 or RS485 or RS232
LED indication: Плави
Communication transmission distance: 1200 метара (РС485)
Card reading type: P series handhelds can read PHILIPS S50/S70/compatible cards; E series handhelds can read standard EM cards and compatible cards; and HID cards and AWID cards
Card reading range: 5центиметар
Ambient temperature: -10℃~+60℃, 10%-90%
Тежина: 450 grams

The RK406 series hand-held time attendance machine is mainly used for employee attendance, registration of large-scale public events, итд. Participation in large-scale activities requires registration of information of participating personnel, and the information is entered into the statistical system, and each participant's card or label, bracelet, and other tag are issued. This will ensure the safe and orderly organization of the participants. The hand-held sign-in machine records the participation of the participants and counts the number of participants at any time. The activities involving the competition can record the scores of the participants and are good assistants for large-scale events or competitions.

Handheld attendance machine is intuitive and easy to use. It has the characteristics of exquisite design, high sensitivity, стабилне перформансе, powerful function and large storage capacity. It is the best choice for users. It utilizes the current non-contact RF smart card technology, and there is no risk of damage caused by hot plugging. It can be used for kindergartens, primary and secondary school students to swipe cards, factory and company staff shuttle buses, school attendance and other purposes.

Convenient, lightweight, and beautiful exterior design
160X160 LCD screen display
Rechargeable lithium battery
Data storage uses FLASH memory chips, which will not affect the data after power failure
Built-in Chinese character secondary font, Chinese and English display (support Simplified and Traditional)
Can set the time attendance interval
The system internal clock can be read and changed by software
The attendance machine device number can be read by software, and the setting is set by “keyboard” mode
Built-in photoelectric isolation lightning protection tube
Data recovery function
Has an audible and light indicates function. When reading the card, the attendance opportunity flashes brilliant blue light, and the buzzer emits a long beep
Attendance time periods function: It can be set up with 8 attendance time periods in one day, and can store 16000 people and 8 days of attendance time period. According to the freely set up attendance system, there is enough custom space to facilitate the management of attendance and attendance of enterprises and activities
Ringing can be set (до 48 ringing)
Built-in watchdog function
PING network function

Application range
It can be used in enterprises, kindergarten, schools, factories, hospitals, large public events and sports competitions, game, freely move the place where the checked in with hand-held attendance machine.


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