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RFID Crystal Epoxy Access Control Keychain, RFID Crystal Epoxy Smart Rings

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Moetso oa lihlahisoa: YF079

Available options: over 300 type appearances, IC chips, RF frequencies, front and back printing, stainless steel rings, etc.

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Packaging material: ABS/PVC+imported epoxy (hard glue/soft glue)
Communication protocols: ISO 14443 TypeA/B, ISO 15693, EPC Class 1 Gen 2,ISO 18000-6C/6B
Reading and writing distance: 5~10cm, UHF tag reading distance up to 30cm
Sebetsa mocheso: -20°C~+85°C
Endurance: 100,000 linako
Protection level: IP67/IP68

The RFID Crystal Epoxy material Keychain products are printed on a variety of materials and the surface is made of imported crystal epoxy. This keychain is dust-proof, waterproof and has no air bubbles inside. Transparency such as glass, good stereoscopic effect, colorful and vivid image is ideal for business promotion. Any pattern can be customized, and various cartoon shapes can be made according to different requirements of customers.
Features: easy to carry, beautiful, durable, ha e kenele metsi, not easy to wear
Can be offset, silk screen, pad printing, coding, flat code (gold, silver, red, yellow, black), laser code, QR code, engraving code and other processes.
Choose from over 300 type shapes and personalization. Can package all kinds of smart chips, can also not use chips. Can package various types of chips: EM4200, EM4102, EM4069, EM4550, EM4305, CPU chip(FM1208-9/FM1208-10), MF1K S50, MF4K S70, ULtralight, NTAG203, ATA5567, T5577, T88RF256, TK4100, FM11RF08, LEGICmini256, Alien H3, impinj M4, etc.
Lihlahisoa tsa ODM le OEM ho latela tlhoko ea moreki.

Member management, consumer systems, One Card Solutions payment, Prepaid card, product identification, school management, apartment community management, access control attendance, AIDC, identification, bus card, parking lot, night club membership card, swimming ski tickets, can also be used as crafts Gift card for business gift.

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