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  • Ultra-thin Stickers Anti-metal UHF Tag, Flexibility Printable Anti-metal UHF Stickers Tag, Letšoao la Anti-metal le hatisoang

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    Moetso oa lihlahisoa: BY7882

    Personalization options: size and thickness, appearance shape, frequency band, RF IC chip, pre-printed LOGO or pattern, serial number, QR code, etc.

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    Main entsprechen botekgeniki
    Interface protocol: Conform the air interface protocol of ISO18000-6C, EPC Class1 Gen2
    Operating frequency: 860~960MHz adjustable
    China GB: 902~928MHz
    USA FCC: 902~928MHz
    Europe ETSI: 866~868MHz
    Chip: Impinj Monza 4QT or specify
    Storage capacity: EPC-96 bits, User-512 bits, TID-64 bits
    Working mode: read/write
    Work methods: passive reflection, has the very high read and write sensitivity
    Read distance: 1-4m/2-6m, associated with the reader antenna size
    R/W times: 100,000 times
    Boitsebiso: Composite tag
    Protection grade: IP68
    Seismic compression: MIL STD 810-F
    Working temperature: -40℃~+65℃ (-40℉~+149℉)
    Storage temperature: -40℃~+65℃ (-40℉~+148℉)
    Humidity: 0~95%
    Printed pattern: Thermal printing or screen printing simple text or icon, LOGO
    Fixed way: Stickers directly pasted
    Product size: 103.0×28.0×0.8mm,103.0×53.0×0.8mm or custom

    Anti-metal paper self-adhesive label refers to the normal paper sticker on the basis of the cladding layer absorbing material combination to achieve the purpose of use on metal surface, the tag thickness can reach 0.6~0.8mm, suitable for metal assets management.
    Customized ultra-small size 20*20mm, ultra-narrow size 65*5mm, can customize HF 13.56MHz.

    Printable Flexible Anti-metal UHF Stickers, Ultra-thin Stickers Anti-metal UHF Tag, Printable Flexible Anti-metal Stickers, Printable Flexible Anti-metal Label, Seabreeze Smart Card Co.,Ltd.

    Product feature
    Good flexibility, can paste in the curved surfaces
    Mainly used for blood bank blood bags and tracking management of office IT equipment
    Anti-metal masking, metal surface and liquid environment best results
    Easy to install and paste directly on the object surface
    Conform to the latest international standards, is applied in more and more industries and fields
    Support the international protocol, apply to more countries

    Mainly used for tracking management office and IT equipment; warehousing product AIDC data; assets management; hospitals and blood bank blood bag tracking management; supply chain Recyclable transportation project one-way transport packaging.

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