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DESFire EV2 D22 Kartu Chip, Mifare DESFire EV2 D42 Chip Card, Mifare DESFire EV2 D82 Chip Card

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modél produk: D22-H6077/D42-H6078/D82-H6079

Personalization options: size and specifications, kakandeleun, wujud(Card/Label or Prelam Inlay), surface printing, writing data, and other special production processes.

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parameter teknis
baku Protocol: ISO 14443 TypeA
prekuensi: 13.56MHz
gudang: 2KB/4KB/8KB/16KB/32KByte
Read ranges: 1~ 10cm ( according to the reader and antenna design )
Kecepatan transmisi data: 106 kbit / s
Operating time: 1~ 5ms
ingetan data: 25 taun
Write endurance typical: 500,000 cycles
Recommended storage temperature: -25℃ ~ + 50 ℃ (-13℉ ~ + 122 ℉)
hawa gawe: -40℃ ~ + 65 ℃ (-40℉ ~ + 149 ℉)
kandungan cai: 20%~90% RH
bahan: PVC, pepet, PETG, Polycarbonate, keretas, 0.13kawat tambaga mm
Encapsulation technology: Ultrasonic automatic plant line / Automatic touch welding
ukuran: ISO standard card 85.6×54×0.82mm
Available for size: 85.6× 54mm, 83× 20mm, 70× 40mm, 50× 50mm, 45× 45mm, 45×28mm, 44× 20mm, 38× 38mm, 35× 30mm, kakandeleun: 0.36-1.2mm.

MIFARE DESFire EV2 (MF3D(H)x2) is the latest member of the MIFARE DESFire series of products. This product adds new functions and enhances performance, providing an excellent user experience. MIFARE DESFire EV2 has passed the EAL5+ general standard security verification. It fully meets the requirements of high-speed, high-reliability data transmission and flexible application management. The product can provide easy, convenient and secure access to various services, and is an ideal choice for service providers and service operators.
DESFire EV2 D22/D42/D82 Chip main application: One card solution, Traffic ticket, Points and micropayments, Access control, Road toll, Multiple applications

Main features
Optional encryption methods, including 2KTDES, 3KTDES and AES128
Fully comply with the ISO/IEC 14443A standard (parts 1-4), using optional ISO/IEC 7816-4 instructions
DESFire EV2: 256bait. 2/4/8-Kbyte EEPROM, supports fast programming
privacy protection
Flexible file system
kaamanan komunikasi
An evolutionary development path and roadmap that can withstand the test of the future — standard interfaces ensure that the current infrastructure can be easily upgraded to meet future smart card chip requirements
Provide consistent products and multiple resource choices for all levels of the value chain

We can offer PVC blank card, printing card, paper-sticker tag, Key chain, Wristband, TOKEN and thin & thick cards of various specifications.

Applications contain
Door-control system, Checking-in system, Identification system, Physical distribution system, Automation system and various member-cards such as: meal-selling, subway, public transportation, club etc. And also it contains electronic consumption, electronic ticket, animal identification, target tracking, laundry management and various payment systems.


pencitakan: Percetakan offset, Nyetak Silkscreen, Percetakan termal, Percetakan tinta-jet, Percetakan digital.
Fitur kaamanan: Watermark, Laser ablasi, Hologram / OVD, Tinta UV, Mangrup Variabel optik, Barkod disumputkeun / Barcode mask, Dipeunteun Pelangi, Téks mikro.
Anu sanésna: Inisialisasi data chip / Énkripsi, Variable Data, Garis magnét anu diprogram, Panel tandatangan, Kodeu barkod, Nomer séri, Embossing, Kodeu DOD, Kode cembung NBS, Paeh-teukteukan.

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