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Supply TK4001 Chip Wafer, TK4001 Chip COB

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TK4001 chip with stable performance, low cost significant features.

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General parameters
meulah: TaiWan TK4001 COB/Wafer disc
frékuénsi gawe: 125kHz
Induction distance: 8~20cm
Working pattern: passive
Read only 64bit (R/O)
Packaging style: COB board

TK4001 chips compatible with Swiss EM microelectronics EM4102 chip, compatible with TK4100 chip. Supply TK4001 Chip Wafer, TK4001 Chip COB, TK4001 Chip compatible with EM4102 Chip, SeabreezeRFID Ltd.
TK4001 chips good quality, has dominated the market for many years. Has stable performance, read distance, defective rate is low, no weight code, jsb. As a semi-finished products, suitable for all kinds of special tags and the manufacture of smart ID card, wristbands, keychain,token.
TK4001 chips widely used in access control, identification, product identification and other RF intelligent identification fields.

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