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Optional RFID chip: EM4102, TK4100, T5557, T5577, FM11RF08, Mifare 1k S50, Ultralight C, H3 alien, Impinj M5, jsb.
frékuénsi gawe: LF 125KHz / HF 13.56MHz / UHF 860 ~ 960MHz
modeu karya: Sunda / W
RFID chip erasable times: >100,000 kali
gudang data: 10 taun
dibaca jarak: LF/HF 2~10cm, UHF up to 1 meter
hawa gawe: -20℃ ~ + 80 ℃ (-4℉ ~ + 176 ℉)
ukuran: CR80 85.5×54×0.84mm, or custom
bahan: PVC, Printable common thin film
beurat: 7g
Other process: pre-print the specified border, corak, jumlah, QR code or LOGO
Card level: 1 level
Production standards: ISO 7811

Thermal Transfer Printer Printable PVC White Card in the production process to add a layer of printable plastic thin film, card size 86×54mm, customizable thickness of 0.25~1.0mm), suitable for HITI, DATACARD, ZEBRA, FARGO, EVOLIS, Magicad, JVC, Frgoo and other card printers.
Cards can Encapsulated RFID chips, you can use in the One Card Solutions, membership cards, access control cards, factory staff cards, the card has all the features of RFID cards.
Card can add Magnetic Stripe, can also encapsulated Contact IC Chip (Smart IC Card), such as Atmel AT24C32, AT24C512, SLE5528, SLE55542 and so on.
Card surface can pre-print the specified border, corak, number or LOGO, to solve your high-definition color printing problems.
Do not touch the printed side of the card directly with your hand before printing.
This card can not print with inkjet printer! If you need an inkjet printer-specific Printable Plastic Card, click here: Inkjet Printer Direct Print PVC Card
According to the card thickness, the number of 200~300pcs/box.

Fitur utami
Thermal transfer printable card printing effect pattern level rich, loba warnana, ever-changing, small color difference, good reproducibility, suitable for mass production.
The card surface dissolved into one with the Ink layer, lifelike beautiful, improve product quality.
Reduce card printing costs.


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