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UID Key Chain, 0 Sector Can Rewritten UID Key Rings

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Model: H504

UID Keychain is mainly used for clone Access Control Key Rings.

  • Specifications
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Frequency: 13.56MHz
Protocol standard: ISO/IEC 14443A
Memory: 8kbit
Communication speed: 106kbit/s
R/W distance: 2.5~10cm (related to the antenna size and card reader)
Reading and writing time: 1-2ms
Working temperature: -20℃~+85℃(humidity 90%)
Endurance: >100,000 times
Data retention: >10 years
Size: customer specified
Packaging materials: ABS, 0.13 copper wire
Packaging process: Ultrasonic wave auto plant lines/Automatic Welding

Common IC card chip 0 sectors curing in the factory, can not be modified. UID keychain is an IC chip that can repeatedly erase and modify the Mifare 1K S50 chip, the chip can modify any sector, you can repeatedly erase, you can rewrite 0 sectors and all sectors of the data, M1 cards can be achieved , S50 card replication, cloning function. Erasable modify serial number ID number. As the daughter card of M1 copy, it is mainly used in IC card copy.
Keychain surface can be silk screen or laser engraving patterns, LOGO, ID number, QR code,etc.
A variety of appearance and specifications, a variety of colors optional.

Main feature
1, the chip is fully compatible Mifare 1K S50 chip.
2, the Chip block 0 (UID where the block) can be modified, repeated changes.
3, block 0 directly using ordinary MIFARE reader modify, do not need special equipment.
4, the default password of the chip is 12 F, ie FFFFFFFFFFFF.

Main application
Access control, parking, certification, attendance management, product identification, etc., in residential quarters, offices, factories, schools, hospitals and other non-contact IC card applications.


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