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EM4450 Chip Card, EM4550 Chip Card

EM LF Card / Card , , ,

модель: H4105

EM4450 chip / EM4550 chip, compatible with ISO11784 ISO11785 animal protocol, can be made to ID cards, access control cards/tags, animal ear tags,і т.д..

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чіп: EM4450/EM4550
робоча частота: 125KHz/134.2KHz
потужність: 1Кбіт
1 KBit of EEPROM organized in 32 words of 32 біти
32 bit Device Serial Number (Read Only Laser ROM)
32 bit Device Identification (Read Only Laser ROM)
режим роботи: R/W
діапазон читання: 1~ 10см
робоча температура: -40° С ~ +85 ° C
Температура зберігання: -55°C~+125°C
R/W life: 100,000 раз
зберігання: 10 років
матеріал: PVC/ABS/PET/PETG/PS/Paper, 0.13мм мідний дріт
розмір: ISO CR80 standards: 85.6×54×0.84mm or in accordance with the custom
Процес інкапсуляції: automatic ultrasonic automatic plant line/touch welding

The EM4450 chip is a CMOS integrated circuit intented for use in electronic Read/Write RF Transponders. The chip contains 1 KBit of EEPROM which can be configured by the user, allowing a write inhibited area, a read protected area, and a read area output continuously at power on.
The memory can be secured by using the 32 bit password for all write and read protected operations. The password can be updated, but never read. The fixed code serial number and device identification are laser programmed making every chip unique.
The EM4450 will transmit data to the transceiver by modulating the amplitude of the electromagnetic field, and receive data and commands in a similar way. Simple commands will enable to write EEPROM, to update the password, to read a specific memory area, and to reset the logic. The coil of the tuned circuit is the only external component required, all remaining functions are integrated in the chip.
The EM4450 chip replacing EM4150 chip.
EM4450/EM4550 can produce 134.2KHz frequency, ISO11784/ISO11785 animal protocol tags.

Applications: Ticketing, Automotive Immobilizer with rolling code, High security free access control, Управління доступом, Industrial automation with portable database, Manufacturing automation, Prepayment Devices, Prepaid electricity meter, water meter, gas meter, Animal husbandry management, identity authentication, attendance system, hotel, employees' attendance, parking management, social security management, and other general areas.
Provide white cards, printed cards, paper stickers, key chains, TOKEN, and a variety of sizes and specifications and thin cards thick cards.


Competitive Advantage:
Experienced Staff;
Excellent quality;
Best price;
Fast delivery;
Large capacity and a wide range of products;
Accept small order;
ODM and OEM products according to customer's demand.


друк: Offset Printing, Silkscreen Printing, Thermal printing, Ink-jet printing, Digital printing.
Security features: Watermark, Laser ablation, Hologram/OVD, UV ink, Optical Variable ink, Hidden barcode/Barcode mask, Graded Rainbow, Micro-text.
Others: Chip data initialization/Encryption, Personalized magnetic stripe programed, Signature panel, Barcode, Serial number, Embossing, DOD code, NBS convex code, Die-cut.

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