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UV Print Card, UV Print Anti-counterfeiting Card

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Mainly used for high-end business cards, RFID plastic card, security anti-counterfeiting labels.

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Response frequency: 125KHz/13.56MHz/860~960MHz
Standard: ISO 14443, ISO 15693, ISO 18000-6C/6B
Chip: Mifare 1K S50, Mifare 4K S70, Mifareultralight10, MifareultralightC, I CODE SLI/SLI-S/SLI-L/SLIX, MifareDesfire2K/4k/8K, MFlPLUS2K/4K, Ti2048, EM4200, EM4305, EM4450, EM4102, TK4100, T5577, CET5500, Hitagl, Hitag2, Hitags, FMl208(CPU), Alien H3, Impinj M5,etc.
Dimension: ISO7816 CR80 85.60×53.98×0.80mm or According to customer requirment
Base fillet radius: 3.18±0.3mm.
Cardbody Material: PVC/PET/PETG/ABS/Paper, 0.13mm copper wire
Encapsulation process: automatic ultrasonic automatic plant line, touch welding

UV printing technology is using UV ultraviolet ray ink to print out the stealth graphics,use black lamp light in the dark room immediately as you can see the bright fluorescent ink pattern, the color can be divided into red, pink, blue, green, orange... Such as color.
UV ultraviolet is English (Ultra-Violet Ray) abbreviation, traditional printing industry is refers to the UV printing quality effect craft, is above the pattern on a layer of light oil (light, matte, crystal Mosaic, golden onion powder,etc.), main is to achieve partial or whole UV printing effect, increase the product brightness and artistic effect, protect the product surface, high hardness, corrosion resistance of friction, not easy to scratch and so on, Some covering film product is changed to UV, can meet the environmental requirements, but the UV product not adhesive, some can only be addressed by local UV or polishing. Mainly is suitable for non absorptive materials printing, such as: Gold paper, silver cardboard, pearl paper, transparent stickers, plastic, PVC, PE, Lenticular, and so on.
Application of UV printing is the printing industry the most important content. Packing depth of processing such as hot stamping, covering film, embossing, and variety of glazing applications already very common, special effects of glazing has become a trend.
UV printing compared with the traditional offset printing with colorful, special materials, innovative products, wide prospect of market and other characteristics, suitable for high-end smart card, high-grade business cards, high-end commercial brochures, special label printing, anti-counterfeiting label and other areas of the product.
UV printing effect cards embed RFID chips can also be made of RFID cards, achieve a variety of anti-counterfeiting security purposes.


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Experienced Staff;
Excellent quality;
Best price;
Fast delivery;
Large capacity and a wide range of products;
Accept small order;
ODM and OEM products according to customer's demand.



Printing: Offset Printing, Silkscreen Printing, Thermal printing, Ink-jet printing, Digital printing.
Security features: Watermark, Laser ablation, Hologram/OVD, UV ink, Optical Variable ink, Hidden barcode/Barcode mask, Graded Rainbow, Micro-text.
Others: Chip data initialization/Encryption, Personalized magnetic stripe programed, Signature panel, Barcode, Serial number, Embossing, DOD code, NBS convex code, Die-cut.

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