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Disposable RFID Tie Tag is mainly used in logistics express parcel management, Each cargo has a unique identity code.

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模型: BY7903
可選的RFID芯片: 艾琳H3 / G2XM / XL, MIFARE 1K S50, 的Mifare S70 4K, NXP超輕, 恩智浦DESFire非, TI, 我CODE 2, FM1108(具有Mifare 1K S50兼容),等等.
協議標準: ISO18000-6C / ISO15693 / ISO14443
存儲: EPC 96bits, 擴展內存512位
工作頻率: 860〜960MHz的/ 13.56MHz的
閱讀範圍: 0-8 M(有關標籤類型和讀/寫設備的配置)
工作溫度: -25〜+ 75℃
儲存溫度: -35〜+ 85℃
安裝方法: 易拉扣
材料: PP / ABS / PVC
數據存儲: 10年份
防塵防水等級: IP65
環保: 符合ROHS
尺寸: 25×41×1毫米, 長度395毫米(尺寸可定做),可裝與Φ100mm的商品
拉: 180-200N / 430-460N
鎖: 95-110N / 210-215N

Disposable RFID Cable Tie can be customized according to different frequency and specifications. The electronic tag of the signage part is in an external position for bundling, which is not affected by the material of the material to be bound and can be stably read and used conveniently. Resistant to moisture, heat, 等等, can be used in harsh environments.
Signs surface can be printed of the pattern, LOGO or code.


一次性RFID標籤領帶, Disposable RFID Cable Tie Tag, Disposable UHF Cable Tie Tag, Disposable UHF Tie Tag, 從SeabreezeRFID.com


RFID electronic cable tie labels are widely used in logistics tracking management, such as animal epidemic prevention, food safety traceability, power line classification, telecommunication line management, 倉庫管理, container sealing, express parcels, 資產管理, prisoner management, 等等.


RFID electronic cable tie tag application examples
In the pork traceability system, pigs are placed in the pigsty and the electronic label is worn to record the status of their farming. At slaughterhouse processing, attach a label to each piece of pork, record the source of each piece of pork with tag information, and monitor all aspects of slaughtering and logistics. When sold in stores and supermarkets, the contents of the tag's chips can be read directly by the electronic scale - meaning that every eligible pork has an "ID." Customers buy pork, pork directly through the electronic tag attached to obtain, including pork weight, price, sales store number, place of origin, immune, 等等. can be traced back to trace the important information.

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