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讀法: 125千赫EM4102標籤
指紋識別器: 光纖
波特率: 115200BPS
顯示: TFT1.8′ 128×160高清晰度圖像顯示
指紋容量: 225 件
事件: 500 件
存儲容量: 80,000 件
衝擊記錄容量: 32,000 件
通訊: USB式探針接觸
能量消耗: 10,000 次掃描標籤操作可用
方向: LED +振動+ LCD
電池: 1,000毫安內置可充電鋰電池
電池電量: 5 水平顯示
IP等級: IP 65
工作溫度: -40℃〜+ 70℃
工作濕度: 0〜95%
尺寸: 132×57×25毫米
淨重: 144G

An absolute surprise product is a combination of fingerprint, custom event definition, LED lighting and built-in rechargeable battery Simple fingerprint function to avoid fake time and attendance; 50 custom event can be defined to record more detailed and accurate patrolling data.
The fingerprint color screen patrol machine adopts inductive card reading technology (RFID), which is waterproof and shockproof. The patrolman holds the patrol machine, first replaces the operator identity with the fingerprint, patrols according to the prescribed line, reads the patrol machine at the patrol point, and presses the button to select and
Confirm the corresponding event and the patrol opportunity automatically saves the generated data. After the inspection is completed, the patrol machine is transmitted to the central management software through the data line. The data transmitted includes the information of the inspector, the patrol point, the inspection time, 等等, and the management personnel can perform the inspection on the object to be inspected, accurate analysis.

Engineering plastic case, 防水, 防震, high temperature resistant, drop without damage.
500 pcs exception event can be defined to record more detailed and accurate patrolling data.
2 types incident mode optional. Single check spot incident and 3 check spot incident type.
2 在 1 USB cable make battery charging and data downloading more easy and convenient.
Data can be saved for 30 years after power-off.
Multi-level fingerprint rights management.
LED lighting is good for night and dark place patrol activities.
語言 ( Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese, 英語)switch freely.


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