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» 貼紙/防假標籤

18000-6乙UHF脆弱防止撕裂貼紙, üCODE HSL(SL3 ICS30) 汽車擋風玻璃反拆標籤, UHF ETC貼紙

貼紙/防假標籤 , , , , , ,

Prevent tear off tag, effectively prevent artificial tear off. When torn, the label is immediately damaged, can not be used.

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標記介質: 空氣介質 / 玻璃中
芯片廠商: NXP
芯片: üCODE HSL (SL3 ICS30)
閱讀模式: 無源非接觸式IC芯片
芯片容量: 2ķ(2048位)
編程週期: 100,000 時
數據保留: 10 年份
芯片結構: 64 塊, 4字節/塊
通信協議: ISO 18000-6B
工作頻率: 正規企業生產默認使用的915MHz (可定制的歐洲標準的868MHz的)
波特率: 達40kbit / s的
防碰撞: 二進制網絡
工作距離: 7 米 (根據閱讀器和天線尺寸的功率)
唯一的序列號: 8 字節 (例如: 的HSL UID號是十六進制的E0 04 00 00 BF EE B2 05中,每個不同的
寫保護: 字節模式
閱讀方向: 根據設備的選擇偏振方向
材料: 銅版紙, PET +鋁蝕刻天線
尺寸: 85.6×54毫米, 39×19毫米, 或自定義

ISO18000-6B Label is a UHF passive smart tag, conforms to the ISO18000-6B standard of the electronic label, the label has a long-range identification and high speed anti collision mechanism, can be applied to intelligent weighing management, highways (roads and bridges), electronic toll collection management, Vehicle license plate security identification management, vehicle marshalling scheduling management, intelligent parking lots of field management, port of entry and exit vehicle inspection management, port container management etc..
The ISO18000-6B Label, can run in 860~960MHz UHF band, the frequency range is wide (up to 100MHz bandwidth, in order to facilitate the regional UHF tag frequency selection. To facilitate regional UHF tags frequency points to choose, to be able to communicate with the local telecom business 900MHz frequency stagger applications), its machines use frequency-hopping is available and not subject to change radio frequency band plan in different areas of impact, thus allowing the same tag can be read anywhere in the world. Labels with anti-collision performance, can deployed in a variety of environments worldwide, has read / write field programmability and faster tag read / write speed, can run in dense reader environments and other functions.

Main advantages
Prevent tear off tag, effectively prevent artificial tear off.
Advanced anti-collision performance and high transmission rate.
Use ISO 18000-6 國際標準協議.
Large storage capacity,to record a large number of properties and information, particularly useful for goods-related data to track feedback, queries and terminal information.

車輛管理, Automatic Identification (Vehicle Automatic Vehicle Identification, AVI)
Highway tolls (not parking charge System, Electronic Toll Collection System, ETC)
Items of supply and marketing management
倉庫, 資產管理
Tobacco shipping pallet
Mold repair tracking
Patrol check in
Container identification
Computer aided software engineering tracking

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