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» 貼紙/防假標籤

NFC防紫外線紅外線防擋風玻璃標籤, UHF防紫外線防篡改脆弱擋風玻璃貼紙

貼紙/防假標籤 , , , ,

產品型號: BY7917

Function options: non-transferable, fragile, 防篡改, 防偽, 一次性使用, IP protection rating optional, 防水, UV/IR resistant, 耐高溫, chemical resistance to chemical corrosion.

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IC芯片: Ntag203, Ntag216, FM1108, 外國人H3, Impinj Monza R6 or specified
頻率: 13.56兆赫(13.0~14.5MHz)/860〜960MHz的
協議: ISO14443A, ISO15693, ISO / IEC 18000-6C
感應距離: 10cm~10m (depending on tag antenna size and reader power)
International standards: FCC, FIND
基質: 50um PET
天線材料: aluminum etched thickness 9um / copper etched thickness 18um
Anti-counterfeit and anti-tamper antenna options: aluminum etching technology / copper etching technology / silver paste printing technology
標籤尺寸: 40×100mm or customized size

The BY7917 windshield stickers with special substrate is a non-transferable tamper-proof RFID labels for vehicle windshields for vehicle identification and electronic toll collection systems(等等). The unique UV-resistant infrared-resistant technology effectively solves the RFID anti-transfer electronic tags affixed to the windshield, due to the sun's ultraviolet and infrared direct radiation, long-term use of the damage rfid tag chip, resulting in RFID windshield stickers damage problem.
With traditional RFID windshield labels, users can only print variable data on the inside of the vehicle, which limits visual recognition. The BY7917 windshield stickers allows the user to print variable data as needed and then read it from outside the vehicle. A typical application of this labels is for parking permits that require visual identification, and the labels can be attached to the windshield for vehicle entry and exit identification. Labels can bind multiple licensing items, such as electronic vehicle registration, queuing checks, fleet management, and tolling. UHF model windshield stickers sread range up to 10 米.
Most traditional RFID windshield labels can be removed without tampering and used on other vehicles. The BY7917 windshield sticker labels has a tamper-proof structure. If you try to remove it, the labels does not come off completely and is fragile, so that the labels is not placed on other vehicles.


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