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非接觸式: LF 125KHz/HF 13.56MHz
Contactless Chip: EM4100/EM4102, GK4001, EM4550, Atmel T5557/T5567/T5577, Mifare Standard 1k, Mifare Standard 4k, MIFARE超輕, Mifare DESfire, Jcop31(CPU芯片), Jcop41(CPU芯片), INFINEON MCC8, FM11RM08(XOA2 module ), I-CODE SLI(original), 等等.
Contact Chip:
Simens: SLE5542(4442)/SLE5528(4428)
Shanghai Beiling: BL4442(SLE4442 Compatible)/BL4428(SLE4428 Compatible )
Shanghai Fudan: FM4442(SLE4442 Compatible)/FM4428(SLE4428 Compatible ) or according to customer requirments.
Cardbody material: PVC/PET/PETG/ABS/Polycarbonate
Card surface process: 磨砂, smooth, frosting
尺寸: ISO7816 CR80 85.60×53.98×0.86mm or according to customer requirment

Dual interface card supports contact and contactless communication ways, noncontact communication way support ISO14443 Type A/Type B protocol.
Characteristic: Support for one card is multi-purpose, high safety, fast transaction, good compatible.
Contact and contactless two connectors share all sources of cards, such as Microprocessor, operating system, storage space, 等等. Card with the mechanism of conflict defensing, allow more cards enter the business areas at the same time.
Support multi applications, managed by independent firewall.
Support multi type of elementary files, including binary, fixed length record, variable length record, cyclic record as well as purse files.
Support multi communication protections to assure integrity and confidential.
Support multi type of access control mechanism (authentication plus password).
Support DES/3DES.
Support PBOC defined e-purse and e-deposit function.
支持ISO 14443 Type A or Type B protocol.
Support multi communication protocol, T=0 and T=1 for contact, ISO14443-4=CL for contactless
9600BPS, 38400bps and others for contact interface communication rate, 106Kbps for noncontact interface communication rate.
Supports multi capacity options, 8K/16K/32Kbytes EEPROM space are available.


印花: 膠印, 絲印, 熱敏打印, 噴墨打印, 數字印刷.
安全功能: 水印, 激光燒蝕, 全息圖/ OVD, UV油墨, 光變油墨, 隱藏條碼/條碼面具, 分級彩虹, 微型文本.
其他: 芯片數據初始化/加密, 可變數據, 個性化磁條程序性, 簽名板, 條碼, 序列號, 壓花, DOD代碼, NBS凸碼, 模切.


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