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模型: RU3100

The UHF frequency can be customized.
The sensing distance is up to 20 米.
Dustproof and waterproof design.

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閱讀器芯片: Impinj的R2000
協議: ISO 18000-6C / EPC Class1的全球第二代
頻率: 860〜868MHz的/ 902〜928MHz的 (可根據不同國家或地區進行調整)
天線: 內置線性極化天線
功率: 高達+ 30dBm的 (1 瓦), 1dBm單位可調
通訊: 藍牙, USB虛擬串口模式
充電器輸入功率: AC 100〜240V, 50〜60HZ, 輸出功率: DC5V / 2.0A
充電接口: USB TypeC
LED指示燈: RFID指示, 藍牙指示, 充電指示
電池: 18650 鋰離子 3100 毫安/小時可再充電電池, 4.2V
標籤ID存儲: 65,000 床單
閱讀率: 取決於 200 張/秒
有效距離: 典型的有效距離 20 米 (有效距離是標記和工作環境有關, 閱讀水泥標籤超過 1 儀表)
條碼類型: 1d激光掃描頭 / 2d圖像掃描頭
一維碼: UPC / EAN, CODE128, 39碼, CODE93, Code11, 交錯 2 的 5, MSIDiscrete 2 的 5, 。中國 2 的 5, 矩陣圖20F 5, 逆1D, 庫德巴, GSI數據條
二維碼: PDF417, MicroPDF417, 數據矩陣(逆), MAXICODE,二維碼(逆), 微QR, 阿茲特克(逆)
工作溫度: -10℃〜+ 55℃
儲存溫度: -20℃〜+ 75℃
顯示: 1.3“白色OLED液晶 (128*64)
按鍵: 電源按鈕, 掃描按鈕, 向上按鈕, 向下按鈕, F1鍵, 選擇按鈕
尺寸: 262×105×42毫米
重量: 247G (含電池)

The RU3100 Ultra-high Frequency Handheld Bluetooth Reader, built-in high-performance UHF module and linear polarized antenna, combined with proprietary efficient processing algorithms, enables fast read and write processing of electronic tags. Advanced Bluetooth connectivity, unique user-friendliness and industrial design make it an ideal choice for RFID applications such as asset management, inventory counting, product traceability and anti-counterfeiting systems.
The RU3100 can use USB or Bluetooth to communicate with smartphones, portable devices, computers and other devices for wired/wireless communication, transfer data.
Support secondary development, provide SDK development materials and technical support, and provide code examples for reference.

主要特徵 UHF手持存儲藍牙閱讀, UHF Long-distance Counting Machine, UHF遠距離讀卡器計數用長柄, 從海風智能卡有限公司.
Bluetooth wireless communication interface for the widest range of connectivity
Based on the R2000 design, it supports EPC CLASS1 G2-compliant electronic tags and excellent multi-label anti-collision function.
Operating frequency 902~928MHz (可根據不同國家或地區進行調整)
Working in Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum(FHSS) or fixed frequency transmission
Output power up to 30dBm (可調整的)
Built-in linearly polarized antenna with a typical reading distance of 20 米 (有效距離是標記和工作環境有關)
Data can be cached locally, no power loss
Label storage capacity up to 65,000 床單
Ultra low power design with built-in high capacity lithium battery
3 sets of LEDs, 內置蜂鳴器, built-in vibrator provide sound and light working status indication
Provide SDK development kit to support secondary development
Dustproof and waterproof design


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