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125KHz ID Thick Card, convenient and practical, suitable for low-cost access control and identification solutions.

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芯片: EM4102, TK4100, TK4101 COB
頻率: 125千赫
工作模式: 只讀
感應距離: 8〜20cm的
內部串行代碼: 5 字節
擦拭: >100,000 時
數據存儲: 10 年份
材料: ABS
尺寸: 85.5x54mm
厚度: 1.8毫米
工作溫度: -20℃〜+ 80℃ (-4℉〜+ 176℉)

ID Card full called Identification Card, it is a kind of chip can't write data induction card, have a fixed code, there are mainly Taiwan SYRIS EM format and the United States HIDMOTOROLA format and other kinds of ID Card. ID card same with magnetic stripe card, just use the "卡號", in addition to the card number, the inside of the card does not have any secret function, card number is open, naked. So ID card is the "inductive magnetic card" .
Thick ID card is the most economic of rf IC card, with an ID number ( can surface printing 18 digit or 10 數字, 8 digit number ), 帶有一個便攜孔, can screen printing LOGO or text information.
Thin ID card surface can offset printing, screen printing, printing portraits, can surface printing 18 digit or 10 數字, 8 digit number.
ID thick card usually use 125KHz EM4102, TK4100, TK4101 chip, 13.56MHz chip can also be used, such as FM11RF08 or Mifare 1K S50.
The induction coil inside the 125KHz ID thick card has a large rectangular coil and a circular coil to choose from. Large rectangular coil read distance a little longer.

Main characteristics
Carrier frequency 125KHz (THRC12) or 13.56MHz (THRC13);
The modulation mode of the card transmitting data to the reader is loading amplitude modulation;
Card encoding data within use the high anti-jamming ability of BPSK phase shift keying;
The card reader data transfer rate is 3.9kbps (THRC12) or 6.62kbps (THRC13);
Card to the card reader data transfer rate of 3.9 KBPS (THRC12) 要么 6.62 KBPS (THRC13);
The data store adopts EEPROM, the data preservation time exceeds 10 年份;
Data storage capacity of 64 位, including manufacturers, distributors and user code;
The card number can not be changed after the encapsulation card is written before, the card number is absolutely guaranteed the uniqueness and security;
THRC13 chips are encapsulation in addition to standard card shapes, and can also be encapsulation as token and many other shapes depending on the application.

Apply to identification, time attendance, 訪問控制, 門禁系統, 產權界定, patrolling system, enterprises One Card Solution, and other of the radio frequency identification IC card system.

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