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    Main technical parameters
    Carrier frequency: 2.4G
    Operating frequency: 2400MHz~2500MHz
    Antenna: PCB unipolar antenna
    Output power: -18dBm~7dBm
    Receiver sensitivity: -90dBm
    Identification distance radius: 50~100m (depending on the antenna)
    Read/write time: 1ms
    Erase life: 100,000 times
    Working current: <5uA
    Battery life: 3.0V battery, 12 months
    Power alarm: low battery alarm function
    Function: Step counting, expandable temperature measurement function
    Material: TPU, PE
    Operating temperature: -20°C~+60°C, wide temperature battery can be customized according to user needs, working range -40°C~+80°C
    IP rating: IP67
    Specification: φ26×14mm
    Weight: 20g
    Fixation: cable tie

    YY-A0026 model 2.4GHz active chicken foot ring, with ultra-low power consumption design, longer service life of the tag, effective visual recognition distance of up to 100 meters, simple structure, small size, lightweight, easy to install; Frequency hopping working mode, strong anti-collision and anti-interference ability. It can be widely used in a variety of applications such as livestock farming, poultry intelligent management and asset management.

    Main features
    Using 2.45GHz active RFID technology, it realizes long-distance identification, and the identification distance can reach 100 meters
    High-capacity button battery, with ultra-low power consumption and long life, and the life cycle can reach more than 12 months, which meets the life cycle of chickens
    It is used for asset management to facilitate the bundling of managed items
    IP67 protection level, deep waterproof
    It adopts a one-way cable tie design, which does not fall off and can be used in harsh environments

    Scope of application
    Chicken pedometer ring, pigeon pedometer ring, 2.4G active RFID pedometer ring, long-distance valuable asset management

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