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Main tegniese parameters
chip model: Mifare Desfire EV3
RF protocol: ISO4443 TypeA
kapasiteit: 2K/4K/8K
vee lewe: >100,000 keer
Erase induction rate: 1~ 2ms
Lees reeks: 20mm~50mm
card grootte: 85.5× 54 × 0.84mm, which can be customized with any size and specification
verpakkingsmateriaal: PVC/ABS/PET/PETG/PLA/Polycarbonate/Paper

NXP MIFARE DESFire EV3 IC is an upgraded product of DESFire, the third iteration of contactless MIFARE DESFire products, and introduces many performance improvements to support many different smart city applications. DESFire EV3 chip has many advantages, such as wider scanning range than its predecessor, faster transaction speed and backward compatibility with previous MIFARE DESFire products. Potential applications include parking, access control and public transportation, which can be used on traditional smart cards or mobile devices. Security features of IC help prevent fraud and theft.
EV3 IC will also be compatible with MIFARE 2GO cloud service, which means that enterprises will be able to use it to enable smart city applications on any NFC-enabled device. Besides wearable devices, it also includes smart phones.
The MIFARE DESFire product family is based on open global standards for RF interfaces and encryption methods, providing highly secure microcontroller-based ics. The name DESFire means that DES, 2K3DES, 3K3DES and AES hardware encryption engines are used to protect the transmitted data.
This series is very suitable for solution developers and system operators to build reliable, interoperable and scalable contactless solutions. The MIFARE DESFire product can be seamlessly integrated into the mobile solution, and supports identity recognition, toegangsbeheer, loyalty and micropayment applications, as well as multi-application smart card solutions in transportation ticketing installation.
Hardware and software of IC support open encryption algorithm and have passed Common Criteria EAL 5+ standard certification. It also has a transaction timer to improve security, and utilizes the secure and unique NFC(SUN) messaging function, which generates a unique authentication message for each click, and then sends the message to the server for verification to prevent cloning.

Application area
It is suitable for non-contact identification and data transmission occasions with high security, such as enterprise/campus One Card Solutions, office attendance access card, high-end hotel door lock system, canteen consumption card, member charge, canteen charge card, bus stored value card, highway charge, prepaid credit card, parking lot and community management

druk: offset, zeefdruk, termiese druk, Ink-jet druk, digitale druk.
sekuriteit kenmerke: watermerk, laserablasie, Hologram / OVD, UV ink, Optiese veranderlike ink, Verborge barcode / Barcode masker, gegradeerde Rainbow, Mikro-teks, Guilloche.
ander: IC chip data initialization/Encryption, Variable Data, Persoonlike magnetiese strook geprogrammeerde, handtekening paneel, barcode, Reeksnommer, Embossing, DOD kode, NBS konvekse kode, Die-sny.

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