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Tegniese parameter
werk frekwensie: 13.56MHz
ondersteuning ooreenkoms: ISO 14443 TypeA
Lees afstand: 5cm
Werk kragverbruik: <0.6w
leestyd: <100Me
Wiring mode: 2.54 direct plug-in
toevoerspanning (vcc to vss): -0.3V~+6.0V
Working spanning: 3.3V
kommunikasie koppelvlak: UART
Baud koers: 19200bps
Specification size: 50.6×46×4mm
werk temperatuur: -25℃ ~ + 85 ℃
Limit parameters: werk temperatuur: -20℃ ~ + 85 ℃
Stoor temperatuur: -40℃ ~ + 125 ℃
Omgewingsvogtigheid: 5%~ 95%

SM-HD6746 model high-frequency IC card reader module supports operations such as reading and writing IC cards such as Fudan and M1, deduction and recharge. Developed by NXP's highly integrated card reader chip MFRC522, it supports reading and writing operations on IC cards such as Fudan, Mifare1 S50, Mifare1 S70, Mifare ultra, ens. The module integrates the ISO14443 TypeA protocol. Developers only need to send simple commands through the communication interface to complete the reading and writing operations of the IC card without understanding the complex IC card communication protocol. Detailed development documents and complete development routines can reduce the difficulty of development, shorten the development cycle, and help you easily and quickly integrate today's most popular non-contact IC card technology into your system. It is widely used in charging pile management, book management, Batebestuur, anti-theft and anti-counterfeiting, time attendance, toegangsbeheer, all-in-one cards, electronic tickets and other fields.

Hoof funksie
Klein grootte, low power consumption, direct plug-in installation, easy to integrate into handheld devices such as PDAs.
stabiele prestasie, fully compatible with ISO14443 TypeA protocol, with good EMC performance.
UART, I2C, SPI communication interface, flexible interface; antenna integration, direct wiring is available, UART interface, simple operation.
It is easy to develop, provide C51 function library, and provide detailed development documents.

Main application
One Card Solution deduction and recharge
Access security
Staff attendance
Library management
Asset Management
Item tracking
Anti-counterfeiting and anti-theft
Conference Registration
Intelligent warehouse
Smart parking lot



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