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Main tegniese parameters
materiaal: PVC/Tyvek/synthetic material
werk frekwensie: 13.56MHz/125KHz/860~960MHz
LF 125KHZ chip: EM4100, Hitag-2, Hitag-S, TK4100, T5567
HF 13.56MHz chip: Mifare 1 S50/S70, I-KODE, Van 256, BINNE 2K
UHF 860 ~ 960MHz chip: Alien H4, Impinj M4QT, ens.
protokol standaard: ISO 11784/11785, ISO 15693, ISO 14443, ISO 18000-6C
werk temperatuur: -20℃ ~ + 70 ℃
Erase and write times: >100,000 keer
behoud data: >10 jaar
Lees afstand: 1-10cm, UHF up to 50cm
Wristband specifications: persoonlike

The theme park identification wristband is an effective tool for identifying tourists, such as the identification of children in theme parks, the identification of tourists in entertainment venues, and the identification of hotel guests. Identification wristbands are widely used in theme parks, speelgronde, exhibition halls, hospitals and other places. Various colors and LOGO can be produced according to project requirements. It is easy to use and hygienic, waterdig, the button is firm, and it is not easy to fall off. The material of this product is soft, and it is also suitable for newborn babies.
The identification wristband is worn on the wrist, and there are two radio frequencies to choose from. The read-only chip model can only be used to read the identity code, and the writable model chip can write personnel information and other content to realize information sharing. If the CPU or NFC chip is selected, the NFC payment function can be realized. You can also customize a single-use wristband without a IC chip.
The identification wristband has a variety of colors and appearances to choose from. The surface can be printed or engraved with LOGO, patroon, reeksnommer, printed QR code, ens.
The style of identification wristband can choose retro, fashionable OL, spotprent, European and American, eenvoudig, natural, ethnic style, ens.
ODM and OEM products are based on customer needs.

Omvang van die toepassing
Theme parks, speelgronde, hospitale, opening ceremonies, tourism commemoratives, anniversary celebrations, festivals, trade fairs.


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