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T5577 Hotel Sleutelhanger, T5577 Toegangsbeheer Sleutelhanger, T5557 Hotel Sleutel Ring, T5567 Access Control Sleutel Fobs

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produk model: YF089

Atmel T5577 chip RFID Keychain options more than 30 appearance styles, and you can specify the color.

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Main tegniese parameters
IC chip: Atmel T5577
werk frekwensie: 125KHz
geheue kapasiteit: 330 stukkies
kommunikasie koers: 9600 effekte
Lees / skryf tyd: 0.1Me
werk af: read-only
Lees afstand: 5~ 8cm
erasable keer: > 100000 keer
data stoor: 10 jaar
grootte:43× 30 × 5 mm of 50 × 30 × 5 mm, of persoonlike
werk temperatuur: -10℃ ~ + 70 ℃
kleur opsies: geel, blou, rooi,ens.
materiaal: ABS dop, Ultrasoniese Plastic Welding

T5577 chip is the Atmel company produces the multi-function non-contact R/W identification integrated circuit, apply to LF 125KHz frequency range.
T5577 chip is unique and stable performance, good encryption performance (multilevel authorization), so it is mainly used for hotel door locks, toegangsbeheer, identity.
T5577 chip is the upgrade version of T5557 / T5567 chip. The T5577 chip can set your own control password.
T5577 Chip Keychain can be used in access control applications such as hotel, hospitals, shared homes, shops, and government offices. Inside the sealed RFID chip, the T5577 RFID keychain enables the application of automatic check-in/out procedure access control while capturing real-time information.
Each RFID key chain generates a globally unique ID. daarom, it is an ideal solution for automated check-in/check-out procedures in terms of security as it provides an efficient and reliable means of identification.
daarom, RFID keychains are a safe and good way to limit access rights. RFID keychains can be selected in different styles and colors, as well as custom pattern or LOGO printing and serial number printing.

The appearance of small and exquisite, duursaam, does not fade, water proof, corrosion proof. Can be hung on the keychain, easy to carry.
The identification is stable, strong penetrating power, fast sensing, and has a globally unique identification code.
A variety of styles and colors to choose from. Surface printable pattern, ID code, serial number, LOGO, ens.

tipiese aansoeke
identifikasie, hotel smart door locks, water meters, toegangsbeheer, access systems, dining hall charge cards, parking lots, ens.


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