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Aby nedošlo ke ztrátě, Anglie chce pěstovat čipy pro všechny kočky


Aby nedošlo ke ztrátě, Anglie chce pěstovat čipy pro všechny kočky

In the future, England’s shovel officers can take their cats out to play more reassuringly. According to British media reports, last Monday, England passed new regulations requiring all pet cats to be implanted with microchips.

Before the cat reaches 20 weeks of age, the cat owner must implant a Subcutaneous Microchip for his pet, which is about the size of a rice grain and has a unique serial number, which stores the contact information of the cat owner and is regularly updated in the database. As of 10 June 2024, all cat owners are required to microchip their pets, and owners found to have failed to chip their cats will have a 21-day ‘remedial periodand face fines of up to £500 if they subsequently fail to comply.

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The purpose of the regulation is to help lost pet cats return to their owners faster and safer. Environment Secretary Therese Coffey said: “Pet cats are valuable members of the family and if they are lost or stolen, they can be a heavy blow to their owners. “

There are currently more than 9 million pet cats in England, of which 2.3 million are not chipped, according to government figures.

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(Source: Shehzhen Seabreeze Smart Card Co.,Ltd.)

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