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parameter teknis utama
Supported Frequency Bands: GSM850MHz/900MHz/1800MHz/1900MHz
Network connection: GPRS
RFID: 2.45GHZ+13.56Mhz (pilihan)
Location Services: supports GPS, LBS
GPS sensitivity: -159dbm
GPS positioning: 10 meter
LBS positioning accuracy: 2-100 meter
Antena: Built-in
Battery specifications: 1150MAH
Tegangan: 3.7V
Standby average current: < 10mA
Suhu Operasional: -20° C ~ + 60 ° C
Kelembaban: 20%~80%RH
Theoretical talk time: 150saya
Theoretical standby time: 128h
Voice Dialing: Not supported
Hands-free calling: iya nih
Wristband Color: Blue/Red/Yellow-Green/Brown-Orange
Berat: 80g
Ingatan: iya nih (pilihan)
Voice Push: iya nih
Low Battery Alarm: iya nih
One-touch dialing: iya nih
Time Tips: iya nih
Alarm Alert: iya nih
Firewall Features: iya nih
Auto Power On: iya nih
Bluetooth function: Not supported
Pengepakan: bagian manset lengan kemeja, charger, kabel data, instruksi manual, sertifikat, warranty card

YY-A0044 positioning active electronic wristband adopts high-quality soft plastic packaging, built-in RFID positioning chip, is an ultra-low power consumption, high performance 2.45GHz wristband type active electronic tag, according to the preset time timing to send a unique ID number, with high receiving sensitivity, recognition distance and other characteristics, and can be customized according to customer requirements appearance, size and LOGO. The application covers playgrounds, rumah sakit, nursing homes, sekolah, museums, prisons, dan lain-lain, and is mainly used for identification, location tracking, pembayaran elektronik, dan kontrol akses. Our RFID electronic wristbands are tough, tahan air, not easy to fall off, rich in color, comfortable to wear, beautiful and generous, and can be designed and customized for customers with special electronic wristbands of various materials, different styles and different frequencies, and the battery can be replaced according to the application needs.

Special features
AGPS/LBS dual positioning function;
Two-way communication function (can be bound to four family numbers and one distress number);
2.45GHz RFID long-distance attendance function;
SOS one-key emergency SOS function;
electronic fence function;
Platform voice push/SMS broadcast function;
Historical track playback function;
SMS location query function;
monitoring function;
firewall function;
class stealth function;
Time reminder function;
Auto-start function;
GPS remote control function;
Alarm clock reminder function;
Mobile/PC campus OA management system function.

aplikasi khas
manajemen personalia:
Prison, nursing homes, kindergartens, sekolah, mental hospitals and other industry personnel real-time positioning regulation system
Hospital neonatal care management system (keamanan,anti pencurian)
Important secret agencies visitor management system
Researchers monitored area, museum galleries exhibition, playgrounds personnel RTLS
Special personnel safety management system for important meetings and activities
Manajemen aset:
Telecommunications, scientific research, military, financial, sport, textile, medical institutions such as asset monitoring and storage management
Valuable, involving secret assets of real-time monitoring, determine location management, kontrol akses, dll.

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