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Main specifications and parameters
standar protokol: ISO/IEC15693, ISO18000-3
Frekuensi operasi (modulation mode): 13.56MHz
antarmuka komunikasi: RS232, TTL
antarmuka antena: 1 SMA interface, dan 32 SMA interfaces can be expanded through relevant components
Sumber Daya listrik: DC 12V
Output daya: 1-4W adjustable
membaca waktu: 0.05s
jarak identifikasi: 0.1-1.2 meter
Mode operasi: tile, channel and stack
EAS operation: didukung
Berbunyi: mendukung
Overall dimensions: PCBA size 128×76mm, which can be supplied with chassis or OEM
Berat: 60g
suhu penyimpanan: -40℃ ~ + 90 ℃ (maksimum 1000 jam)
Suhu Operasional: -20℃ ~ + 50 ℃

SHY-601T model Mid-Range Multi-tag Recognition Read Module adopts 13.56MHz high frequency technology, supports ISO15693 and ISO18000-3 protocol standards, is especially suitable for applications requiring fast reading speed, large reading quantity, disordered label direction and complex environment.

Fitur Produk
Electronic label support ISO/IEC15693 and ISO18000-3 protocols
Adjustable RF output power
Advanced label collision processing algorithm, high reading rate, typical label processing speed exceeds 80 sheets/second
SMA interface can be directly connected with 50Ω standard RFID antenna, and the effective distance of single antenna can reach more than 90cm
Supports antenna open-circuit limit environments
Support scanning operation mode
Support transparent command format operation
Supports addressable multi-antenna ports
Support electronic label double resolution mode
Support EAS operation
Support multi-reader networking
desain daya rendah, single 12V power supply
Provide low-level communication protocol, and users can freely secondary development

Suitable for the following applications:
Medical industry: blood bag management, DNA detection management, sperm freezing management, special drug management, automatic door device in operating room
Manajemen aset: library management channel, self-service borrowing terminal, jewelry and jewelry management, bill management, antique management, intelligent dining plate
manajemen personalia: conference sign-in, waktu kedatangan, home-school communication
Industrial manufacturing: accurate identification and piece counting of materials in automated production lines; Trajectory recognition of AGV handling robot
Agricultural animal husbandry: poultry identification channel, accurate feeding



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