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Kaadị Ultralight EV1, Kaadị Chip Ultralight EV1, Ultralight EV1 COB, Ultralight EV1 Wafer

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Product nlereanya: H904

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Nka na ụzụ parameters
IC chip model: MIFARE Ultralight EV1
Communication protocol: ISO14443-A
RF ugboro: 13.56MHz
ike: 80/164 bytes
Data transmission: 106kbps
Dee Ntachi Obi (cycles): 100,000 ugboro
kaadị size: CR80 85.6×54×0.84mm
ihe: ịkwanyere, PITA, PETG, ABS, polycarbonate, akwụkwọ, 0.13mm Ọla kọpa waya
arụ ọrụ okpomọkụ: -20℃ ~ + 50 ℃ (iru mmiri 90%)

Ultralight EV1 is a widely used contactless IC chip. It is a password-protected memory chip. It has relatively high security and low price. It is very suitable for electronic identification. It can also be used as a data store, but with less space.
Designed to streamline the application mode using Mifare RF chip. On the basis of the amount of storage on streamlining the chip, this chip can be suppressed in a thinner size card, the cost is more suitable for short-distance transport multi-site system.
MIFARE Ultralight EV1 is the next generation of paper ticketing smart card IC for limited-use applications that offers solution developers and operators the maximum flexibility for their ticketing schemes and additional security options.
Enabling easy integration in existing infrastructures is guaranteed by compatibility with MIFARE based systems. The integrated originality checker is an effective cloning protection that helps to prevent counterfeit of tickets.

Key atụmatụ
Fully ISO/IEC 14443A 1-3 Dabara
Backwards compatible to MIFARE Ultralight
106 kbit/s communication speed
Anti-collision support
Fast read command
384 na 1024 Bits user memory product variants
OTP, Lock Bits, configurable counters
Three independent 24-bit one-way counters
Protected data access through 32-bit password
NXP Semiconductors originality signature
Preparation for Virtual Card functionality
Unique 7 bytes serial number
Number nke otu dee arụmọrụ: 10000

Key applications
Limited-use tickets in public transport
omume Ịnye tiketi (stadiums, exhibitions, leisure parks, wdg)

Obibi: dechapụ Obibi, Silkscreen Obibi, kwes-ebi akwụkwọ, Ink-ugboelu ebi akwụkwọ, Digital-ebi akwụkwọ.
Security atụmatụ: watermark, laser ablation, Hologram / OVD, UV ink, Optical agbanwe ink, Zoro Ezo barcode / Barcode nkpuchi, Graded Rainbow, Micro-ederede.
ndị ọzọ na-: IC chip data initialization/Encryption, Variable Data, Ahaziri magnetik straipu programed, Akara mbinye aka panel, Barcode, Nọmba usoro n'usoro, Embossing, DOD koodu, NBS convex koodu, Die-bee.

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