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Contact IC Card Chip Fantaro Replicator Device

Password Test Copy Device , ,

Product modely: SJM2401

Clone SLE4442 and SLE4428 logic encryption chip cards.

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Ampahafantaro sy kinopia vita:
Karatra fitadidiana: Atmel AT24C01, AT24C02, AT24C04, AT24C08, AT24C16, AT24C32, AT24C64, AT24C128, AT24C256, AT24C512 sy kapila mifanentana
Karatra fampidirana lojika: SLE4442, SLE4428, SLE5542, SLE5528, AT88SC102, AT88SC1604 sy kapila mifanentana

Identificator of Smart Card
If a smart card (contactness) is inserted into Identificator of Smart Card, the set will display the type of this card on the LCD screen.
1. Identifying the types of normal smart cards,
Karatra fitadidiana: 24C01, 24C02, 24C08, 24C16, 24C32, 24C64, 24C128, 24C256 and compatible chip.
Karatra fampidirana lojika: SLE4442, SLE4428, SLE5542, SLE5528, AT88SC102, AT88SC1604 sy kapila mifanentana.
2. When the password is known, it can copy/clone memory cards and logic encryption cards.
3. Identifying 1600 types of CPU cards, and displaying Answer To Rest (ATR) and the informations of manufacturers.
4. Recording and saving the data of the card, not being lost the data after power-fail.
5. It could be use it independently, without a computer.
6. Battery or USB powered.

"Recognizer" is an "SJM 2403 Contact IC Card Chip Fantaro Device" that adds copy function.
Memory card, you can directly copy; Logic encryption card, only after know the password can be copied.
CPU karatra, can not simply to copy.

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