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  • NFC Soft Silicone Wristband, NFC Intelligent Proximity Silicone Wristband

    Khoom NFC, Wristband/Bracelet , , , , , , ,

    qauv: YW2102

    More than 40 kinds of molds can be used for free.
    The Wristband surface can printed or engraved LOGO, pattern, continuous number or internal code of the IC chip, QR code.

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    • Nta

    Main technology parameters
    Ntaub: Soft Silicone
    Size: Ф65mm/Ф74mm or customized
    Adjustable type: 240×19×2.2mm, adjustment range in 16-22cm
    Induction distance: 5~20cm (according to the reader performance)
    Power supply mode: passive
    Frequency: 13.56MHZ
    Chip: NXP NTAG203, NTAG213, NTAG215, NTAG216
    qauv txheej txheem: ISO 14443A
    Chip Capacity(NTAG203): 168bytes (write: 137bytes),(1Kbit EEPROM, 16 sectors, each sector is 4 piece, a group each sector has its own password and access control)
    Wipe times: >100,000 Zaug
    Data Storage: > 5 Xyoos
    R/W time: 1-2ms
    IP Grade: IP67/IP68
    Work Temperature: -25°C~+70°C
    xim: black, green, red, white, blue, yellow, orange, optional

    Waterproof, shockproof, and high temperatures resistant.
    Closed-loop wristband, flexible, easy to wear and easy to use.
    Widely used in extremely humid environments swimming pool, cooling libraries, water patrol, field operations, and even a long soak in water and other harsh environments.
    Access various services through NFC wristband, including micro-payments, Kev Qhia Kom Paub, transportation, ticketing, access control, discounts, medical services, social, and information sharing.
    Surface can screen printing, carving LOGO, picture, number, QR code.
    Large quantities can specified product color.
    The best price in the market is convenient for your business development.
    ODM and OEM products according to customer's demand.



    Competitive Advantage:
    Experienced Staff;
    Excellent quality;
    Best price;
    Fast delivery;
    Large capacity and a wide range of products;
    Accept small order;
    ODM and OEM products according to customer's demand.

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