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Identificação animal

» Identificação animal

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Main performance indicators
512-bit EEPROM, dividido em 16 setores, each sector 32bit
32bit UID (unique identification code)
Compatible with ISO11784/ISO11785 protocol
32-bit password read and write protection
Can make EEPROM sector enter read-only locked state
2 encoding methods (Manchester, Bi-phase)
Multiple data transfer rates (8, 16, 32, 64 RF clocks)
Has the feature of the card reader to ask first
Alcance de frequência: 100~ 150KHz
gama de temperaturas: -45° C ~ 85 ° C

EM4305 is a low-frequency contactless ID card chip whose main function is to meet the specific needs of animal identification, access control and industry. EM4305 is particularly suitable for low-cost animal tag applications, and it complies with the ISO 11784/ISO 11785 international standard protocol, which contributes to product consistency and equipment interoperability. For most animal identification applications, ISO data integrity is very important. EM4305 can avoid unauthorized modification.
Shenzhen Seabreeze SmartCard Co.,Ltd has long-term supply of low-cost YY4305 wafers or chips, which are fully compatible with EM4305 chips. The functions and performance of YY4305 chips are exactly the same as EM4305. Using YY4305 chips, we can provide you with wafers, chips or COB, custom production cards, tags of various specifications, keychains or bracelets, etc., which can be used in animal identification tags, custom and copy access control card markets.

Application market
Identificação animal, controle de acesso, AIDC, copy card and copy keychain market.

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