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Algorithm: ECC(optional), RSA2048, SHA512, AES
ISO 7816 T=1 & ISO 14443 T=CL TypeA by default
Java Card 3.0.4
GP2.1.1(Implementation of Mapping Guidelines of Existing GP v2.1.1 Implementation on v2.2.1

A40CR Java Smart Card:
Total NVM: 240 NXP J2A080 Java Kadhi 80KB
Total RAM: 6 NXP J2A080 Java Kadhi 80KB
User NVM: 72.8 NXP J2A080 Java Kadhi 80KB
User RAM: 1.72 NXP J2A080 Java Kadhi 80KB
Chip: Infineon SLE77CLFX2400PM
Chip Certification: CC EAL5+, EMVCo

A22CR Java Smart Card:
Total NVM: 400 NXP J2A080 Java Kadhi 80KB
Total RAM: 8 NXP J2A080 Java Kadhi 80KB
User NVM: 138.5 NXP J2A080 Java Kadhi 80KB
User RAM: 1.84 NXP J2A080 Java Kadhi 80KB
Chip: Infineon SLE78CLFX4000PM
Chip Certification: CC EAL6+, EMVCo

Java Card smart cards supporting contact ISO-7816 and contactless ISO-14443 operation for secure applications. Manage the smart card using Global Platform.
Smart cards are now ubiquitous in our everyday lives. We pay for goods using credit/debit cards (micropayment), we use mobile phones containing SIM cards and we pay on public transport using Oyster cards (or similar). These are just a few examples of how smart cards are used to provide valuable services to the public.
Organisations utilise smart cards for access control - both physical access control to buildings and digital access control to systems and resources.
Governments utilise smart cards for solutions such as digital taxation and identity cards (authentication).
Smart cards can run custom applications on-board the card. They offer security and flexibility to vendors wishing to deploy smart card-based systems.
Our cards are Java cards meaning they run a lightweight Java-based operating system supporting the execution of custom applications packaged as applets. Certified to the international standards of Java Card and Global Platform you can rely on our cards for stability and security.

Currently available JAVA cards for project development include A40CR and A22CR.
The A40CR is a dual cryptographic Java smartcard following Java Card 2.2.2 and Global Platform 2.1.1 standards; it is performed with an Infineon SLE77 chip of 16 bits and its chip fulfills CC EAL5+ and EMVCo requisites. A40CR is a FLASH card with 72.8 kBytes non-volatile free storing and 1.72 kBytes user RAM. Its dual interface allows to work at contact and contactless environments, supporting ISO 7816 T=0, ISO 14443 A/B and T=CL and being compatible with Mifare protocol.
The A22CR Java card with an Infineon SLE78 chip.

Java Card™ certified
GlobalPlatform™ certified
Designed strictly conforming to the standards of the Global Platform and ISO industry
Support CC & EAL5+ certification by default
Maintains compatibility with the third party applets as well as all existing smart card infrastructures
Public key cryptography (encryption and digital signatures)
Symmetric key cryptography
Signature generation/verification
Provides customization services

Kudhinda: Kudhinda neoffset, Kupurinda kweSilkscreen, Thermal kudhinda, Ink-jet kudhinda, Kudhinda kwedhijitari.
Kuchengetedzwa maficha: Watermark, Laser ablation, Hologram / OVD, UV inki, Optical Variable ingi, Yakavanzwa barcode / Barcode mask, Muraraungu wakarongedzwa, Micro-zvinyorwa.
Vamwe: IC chip data kutanga / Encryption, Variable Data, Yakagadzirirwa magineti mutsara, Signature pani, Barcode, Siriyero nhamba, Nekusimbisa, nebefu, Kodhi yeDOD, NBS kodhi yekodhi, Kufa.

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