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ИКСЕ300 Смарт Патрол Стицк, Индуцтион Гуард Тоур Стицк

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Модел: YXE300

Waterproof and anti-drop, use the USB cable to connect directly to the computer to charge and transfer data.

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Storage capacity: 100000 inspection records
Data interface: USB2.0
Support inductive frequency: 125Такође може понудити прилагођене услуге како би задовољиле ваше ексклузивне идеје и потребе
Support patrol tags type: Switzerland EM4102 / TK4100 and compatible card
Потрошња струје: 10MAH
Database: Support for Access and SQL Server databases
Reading Tips: Indicator / Sound
Battery: Built-in 3.7V rechargeable lithium battery
Радна температура: -10℃~+90℃
Величина: 145mm×29mm
Body weight: 240g

YXE300 Smart Patrol Stick use USB communication method to collect data, directly with the computer online, abandoned the traditional communication socket device, improve communication speed, save the cost of the user.
YXE300 Smart Patrol Stick reading EM (ID) card, convenient with attendance system, access control system, charging system, parking lot system to achieve One card solution.
Patrol system software support: multiple computer data sharing in the LAN to view patrol records.

Packing: one patrol stick, one leather case, 10 patrol points, one data cable, one charger, one system CD.

Main feature
Waterproof and anti-fall: Military aluminum alloy structure, 5 meters free fall without damage, 10 meters water depth waterproof design, in the water can read cards normally.
Small size and easy to carry.
USB cable communication is easy to manage and reduces costs.
Low-power battery, can be used for 30 days after the battery is fully charged, to read the card 300 times a day, can store 11 months of data.
High-intensity glare lighting, 24 groups of alarm clocks to remind patrols, 10,000 impact records, malicious damage to the equipment can be traced.
Safety performance: data can be kept for 30 years after power failure.
LED lights can be adjusted: low light / strong light / strong flashing.
SDK development kit is available.

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