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HITAG S Reader, HITAG S32 Reader, HITAG S256 Reader, HITAG S2048 Reader

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model: RBE-125/RBE-1342

Read/Write ISO11784/ISO11785 protocol, FDX-A/FDX-B animal tag, animal glass tube tag, dier oorplaatjie.

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ondersteuning chip: HITAG S 32 (HTS IC H32)/HITAG S 256 (HTS IC H56)/HITAG S 2048 (HTS IC H48)
Frekwensie: 125KHz / 134.2KHz
werk af: lees skryf
Kragtoevoer: USB kragbron
koppelvlak: USB draai seriepoort
Baud koers: ondersteuning 9600 ~ 115200
dui: sirene, 2 kleur LED
bedryfstelsel: Windows & Linux
werk temperatuur: -10℃ ~ + 70 ℃
grootte: 139× 100 × 25mm

HITAG S Chip Reader is Seabreeze Smart Card Co.,Ltd low frequency 125KHz/134.2KHz series read-write device, circuit and read/write algorithm is optimized, with low power consumption, responsive, stable reading, reading speed and other characteristics. Can read all conform to the ISO11784/ISO11785 protocol, FDX-A/FDX-B animal tag, animal glass tube tag.
With the reader software, can read and write the HITAG S tag, you can batch issued ID card and animal tag.
Support for secondary development, with the company provides the API interface function, can quickly put the read-write device is integrated to various issuing card and management or traceability system.
The product can be customized frequency, can be printed LOGO or pattern on the surface.

Animal tag, One card solution, asset management, goods tracking, prevent theft and prevent forgery, security, access control attendance, parking lot, electronic ticket,ens.

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