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Electrical and Mechanical Parameters
töösagedus: 902-928MHz/865-868MHz (vabatahtlik)
sideprotokolli: ISO 18000-6C, EPC global C1Gen2
mõõdud: 95x95x40mm
pakend: 230x160x60mm
kaal: 0.5kg
Packing weight: 1kg
Body material: ABS mask, metal back cover, black/green
tööpinge: DC 9-24V, 6W
Töötemperatuur: -20° C ~ + 60 ° C
Töö niiskus: <95%(+25°C) väljundvõimsus: 0–26dBm(+/-1dB) Antenna Specifications: 3dBi circularly polarized ceramic antenna Single card reading distance: 0-2 meetri (using CR80 UHF white card test, the specific reading distance is related to the label and environment) Inventory label peak speed: >20 lehed/sek
Card reading prompt: Summeri
kommunikatsiooniliides: Standard: RS232, RS485, WG26, WG34, trigger;
Customization: RJ45 network port, WIFI, POE, USB, 4G, relay
Working Mode: Active mode, Command mode, Trigger mode, Password mode
Modbus: toetus
Protection class: IP65

SDK Development Kit: Support X86&X64, C++, C #, VB, Delphi, Linux, ARM, Python, NodeJS, QT, JAVA, Android and other languages

The RU-Y0302 industrial ultra-high frequency integrated machine is an industrial ultra-high frequency integrated reader designed by SeabreezeRFID company. Combined with a proprietary high-efficiency electronic tag collision processing algorithm, it can maintain a high reading rate and realize the identification of electronic tags, fast read and write processing. The operating frequency of the card reader is 865-868MHz/902-928MHz, and it supports the reading of tags in accordance with the ISO18000-6C international standard protocol format. The card reader integrates the radio frequency part of the communication protocol. Users only need to receive data through the RS232, TCP/IP communication interface to complete the reading operation of the tag without understanding the complex radio frequency communication protocol.
The RU-Y0302 card reader comes with an Auto-turning automatic tuning circuit, which can automatically adjust the circuit parameters when working in different environments, so as to minimize the impact of the external environment on the reading distance, and further enhance its anti-interference ability. It has the characteristics of high receiving sensitivity, stable performance and strong reliability.
RU-Y0302 card reader can be widely used in logistics, warehouse management, industrial product process control, tobacco management, robotic arm site control, AGV smart cars and other fields.

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