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Inlay Katin / UHF Card

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U CODE HSL Thin Card, U CODE HSL(SL3 ICS30) Ajiye motoci Long Range 915MHz Card, ISO 18000-6B White Card

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Due to the good performance of the NXP U CODE HSL (SL3 ICS30), it is more suitable for road toll projects.

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model: B7376
yi / Chip: NXP U CODE HSL(SL3 ICS30)
layinhantsaki: ISO 18000-6 type B(UHF)
memory: UID 64Bits(a ƙwaƙwalwar ajiyar bytes 0-7), Karanta kawai
User: 216bytes, R / W
Frequency: 860~ 960MHz
aiki nesa: 5-10M (Kamar yadda mai karatu da kuma wajen aiki yanayi)
Material: PVC + Al Etching Eriya (Iya yi high zazzabi resistant so)
Erasable sau: 100,000 sau
data riƙewa: 10 shekaru
ESD: ± 1KV (HBM) Mutum yanayin(HBM) ESD awon karfin wuta Immmunity
Operating Mode: m
Material: PVC
girman: ISO misali katin 85,6 × 54 × 1.0mm

The 6B White Card is a card made with UCODE HSL (SL3 ICS30) electronic tag Inlay. It can be made into a white card, or it can be made into a printing color card, printing pattern, photo, LOGO, lambar, da dai sauransu.
The ISO18000-6B tag is a passive smart tag that complies with the ISO18000-6B electronic tag standard. The tag has long-distance recognition and high-speed anti-collision mechanism. It can be applied to intelligent weighing management, highway and bridge non-stop charging management(ETC), and license plates. Anti-counterfeiting identification management, vehicle marshalling scheduling management, smart parking management, port entry and exit vehicle inspection management, terminal container management and many other fields.

ISO 18000-6B White Card, U CODE HSL Thin Card, U CODE HSL (SL3 ICS30) Ajiye motoci Long Range 915MHz Card,U CODE HSLLSL3 ICS300) Parking Lot Long Distance Card, from SeabreezeRFID.com
ISO18000-6B tags, which can operate in the UHF band from 860 to 960 MHz, have a wide frequency coverage (har zuwa 100 MHz bandwidth to facilitate the selection of regional UHF tag frequencies and can be used in staggered applications with local telecommunication services at 900 Mbits). The equipment uses frequency hopping coverage, which is not affected by the radio frequency band planning in different area changes, thus allowing the same tag to be read anywhere in the world. Tags have anti-collision capabilities, can be deployed in a variety of environments around the world, have read/write field programmability and faster tag read/write speeds, and can operate in a reader-intensive environment.
The U CODE HSL tags with large storage capacity, it can directly record a large number of attributes and information of articles, and is particularly helpful for the tracking, query, and feedback of terminal information.

Main advantage
Advanced anti-collision mechanism and efficient transmission rate.
With large storage capacity, it can directly record a large number of attributes and information of articles, and is particularly helpful for the tracking, query, and feedback of terminal information.

hankula aikace-aikace
Supply and sales management of goods, warehouses, asset management tobacco shipment trays, mold repair tracking, search for more, patrolling check-in, container identification, parking lot vehicle management, computer-aided software engineering tracking.

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