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Main technical parameters
Working voltage: DC 8~25V, standard DC12V
Machine power consumption: <1W
Data storage: >10 years (after power failure)
Recording capacity: 100,000
Control card: unlimited
Number of blacklists: 1000
Communication method: standard RS485
Extended communication: wireless Bluetooth
Button input: 1 way
Relay output: 1 way
Number of networks: 65,535
Card reading type: Mifare1 card, CPU card
Sensing distance: 2-5cm
Status prompt: buzzer, LED light
Working temperature: -20°C~+85°C
Working humidity: 5%~90%
External devices: sensing antenna, speaker, light guide plate
Board size: 100×67×12mm
With the outer casing size: 115×75×22mm

IC card/CPU card free wiring limit time limit times access control reading module is a set of modern intelligent entrance and exit management control equipment integrating smart card recognition technology, micro control technology and other advanced technologies. It adopts contactless smart card technology, and data is transmitted in the air. The ciphertext encrypted by the DES (Data Encryption Standard) algorithm avoids the problems of traditional security guards such as card theft and copying. This product is stable in operation, user-friendly design, excellent function, easy to install, maintainability and operability, and is well received by the market.
Products can be embedded in access control, gates, automatic doors, game consoles, building intercom, elevators and other equipment, widely used in residential apartments, factories, companies, office buildings, hotels and other places; especially suitable for elevator management and not Convenient wiring for house access control, use computer software management users, can issue cards offline, limited time limited times, can increase voice function.

The IC card is issued offline, the access control is limited to a limited time and times, and the voice is effectively prompted.
IC card sector read and write, support the market's conventional IC card or anti-copy CPU card.
The reader has a built-in algorithm that reads the authorization information written in the card and transmits the open command to the main controller.

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