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parameter utama
Chip Kapasitas:
Chip AT24C01A: 1kb
Chip AT24C02: 2kb
Chip AT24C04: 4kb
Chip AT24C08: 8kb
Chip AT24C16: 16kb
Chip AT24C32: 32kb
Chip AT24C64: 64kb
Chip AT24C128: 128kb
Chip AT24C256: 256kb
Chip AT24C512: 512kb
standar protokol: ISO / IEC7816-3
Chip Kapasitas: 1Kb / 16KB / 64KB / 128Kb / 256Kb / 512Kb
membaca waktu: 1-5Nona
Chip Asal: Daratan Cina
Daya tahan: > 1,000,000 waktu
retensi data: > 40 tahun
suhu kerja: -20℃ ~ + 80 ℃
Bahan: PVC / PET / PETG
Ukuran: 85.5× 54 × 0.84mm
Berat: 6g

China production compatible with ATMEL AT24C series Contact chip Card, is a common unencrypted data card, use of the method and the EEPROM are exactly the same, is a sudden drop electric power data storage chip, namely the power lost memory chips. Storage structure is simple,no partitions, only two operating functions to read and write, mainly used to store some of the less demanding confidentiality of data. Write/erase cycles is 1,000,000 waktu; 100 years of data retention, preservation without power for more than 40 tahun.
This product has the advantage that the chip same quality, Harga rendah.

AT24C128 SC/256SC provides 131,072/262,144 bits of serial electrically erasable and programmable read only memory (EEPROM) organized as 16,384/32,768 kata-kata 8 bits each. The devices are optimized for use in smart card applications where lowpower and low-voltage operation may be essential. The devices are available in several standard ISO 7816 smart card modules (see Ordering Information). All devices
are functionally equivalent to Atmel Serial EEPROM products offered in standard IC packages (PDIP, SOIC, TSSOP, dBGA), with the exception of the slave address and Write Protect functions which are not required for smart card applications.

Areas of finance, trade, pariwisata, transportation, telekomunikasi, health care, asuransi, taxes, sekolah, administrative, and other organs without encryption or hardware encryption range, can be used for identity recognition areas and public utilities : electricity purchase cards, kartu gas, driver training cards, consumer cards, social security cards, kartu prabayar.


Pencetakan: Offset Printing, Percetakan silkscreen, pencetakan termal, pencetakan ink-jet, digital printing.
Fitur keamanan: cap air, ablasi laser, Hologram / OVD, tinta UV, Optik tinta Variabel, barcode tersembunyi / Barcode mask, graded Rainbow, Micro-teks.
Lainnya: inisialisasi Data Chip / Enkripsi, Personalized magnetic stripe diprogram, Signature panel, barcode, Nomor seri, embossing, kode DOD, Kode cembung NBS, Die-cut.

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