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NTAG usoro inlay akọrọ, NTAG203 akọrọ inlay, NTAG213 inlay bushe, NTAG215 inlay bushe, NTAG216 inlay bushe

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Product nlereanya:YB2231

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Main technical parameters
IC mgbawa: NXP Ntag203/Ntag213/Ntag215/Ntag216
Protocol: ISO 14443 TypeA
Frequency: 13.56MHz
R / W anya: 2-10cm (metụtara atụmatụ antenna)
Data nnyefe ọsọ: 106kbit / s
Nọmalị nọmba: 100,000 ugboro
Service ndụ: 5 afọ
Ihe eji emeputa Antenna: PVC / PET / ABS / akwụkwọ mmado / akwụkwọ
size: 85.5× 54mm, 34× 34mm, Φ22mm / 35mm,etc, enwere ike ịhazi ya dịka ihe ndị ahịa chọrọ
Ọnọdụ nchekwa echekwara: okpomọkụ: -25℃ ~ + 50 ℃
arụ ọrụ okpomọkụ: -40℃ ~ + 65 ℃
iru mmiri: 20%-90% RH
packaging (maka naanị): 5000PC / mpịakọta, 1.5-2kg

NTAG213, NTAG215, and NTAG216 have been developed by NXP Semiconductors as standard NFC tag ICs to be used in mass-market applications such as retail, gaming, and consumer electronics, in combination with NFC devices or NFC-compliant Proximity Coupling Devices. NTAG213, NTAG215, and NTAG216 (from now on, generally called NTAG21x) are designed to fully comply to NFC Forum Type 2 Tag and ISO/IEC14443 TypeA specifications.
Target applications include Out-of-Home and print media smart advertisement, SoLoMo applications, product authentication, NFC shelf labels, and mobile companion tags.
Target use cases include Out-of-Home smart advertisement, product authentication, mobile companion tags, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi pairing, electronic shelf labels, and business cards. NTAG21x memory can also be segmented to implement multiple applications at the same time.

Contactless transmission of data and supply energy
Operating frequency of 13.56MHz
Data transfer of 106 kbit / s
Data integrity of 16-bit CRC, parity, bit coding, bit counting
Operating distance up to 100mm (depending on various parameters as, e.g., field strength and antenna geometry)
7-byte serial number (cascade level 2 dị ka ISO / IEC 14443-3)
UID ASCII mirror for automatic serialization of NDEF messages
Automatic NFC counter triggered at a reading command
NFC counter ASCII mirror for automatic adding the NFC counter value to the NDEF message
ECC-based originality signature
Fast read command
True anti-collision
50 pF input capacitance

180, 540 ma ọ bụ 924 bytes organized in 45, 135 ma ọ bụ 231 pages with 4 bytes per page
144, 504 ma ọ bụ 888 bytes freely available user Read/Write area (36, 126 ma ọ bụ 222 pages)
4 bytes initialized capability container with one-time programmable access bits
Field programmable read-only locking function per page for the first 16 pages
Field programmable read-only locking function above the first 16 pages per double page for NTAG213 or per 16 pages for NTAG215 and NTAG216
Configurable password protection with an optional limit of unsuccessful attempts
Anti-tearing support for capability container (CC) and lock bits
ECC supported originality check
Data retention time of 10 afọ
Write endurance 100,000 cycles

NFC RFID electronic tags, mobile phone NFC application, NFC data transmission, NFC access control, turnstiles, vending machines, membership promotion system, MiBiao parking lot, NFC electronic payment, NFC mobile payment, etc.


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