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  • EAS+UHF Anti-dismantled Hard Tag, Clothing Security Management Hard Tag

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    Product modely: ER449

    EAS+UHF Anti-theft Clothing Security Hard Tag is 58K and UHF electronic tag, is not only trigger EAS alarm, but also sending back product information, used clothing and other products tracking management.

    • Specifications
    • Description

    Main masontsivana ara-teknika
    Material: PVC
    Card habe:
    CR-80 85.6mm × 54mm
    CR-90 92mm × 60mm
    CR-100 98.5mm × 67mm
    hateviny: 0.76MM ± 0.02mm
    Base fillet nipoaka: 3.18± 0.3mm

    CR80 PVC Card dia afaka manome koa ireto fomba manaraka ireto:
    Fandraisana valiny: 125KHz / 13.56MHz / 860 ~ 960MHz
    Chip: M1 IC S50, M1 4K S70, ULT 10, ULT C, I CODE2 SLI / SLI-S / SLI-L / SLIX, Desfire2K / 4K / 8K, Ti2048, EM4102, EM4200, EM4305, TK4100, T5557, T5577, Hitag2, FM11RF08, vahiny I3, Impinj M4, sns.
    Magnetika fehin-kibo: LoCo 300OE na i HiCo 2750OE / 4000OE

    EAS+UHF Clothing Anti-theft Hard Tag, is 58K and UHF electronic tags, is a combination of anti-theft and management of super-hard tag, with EAS anti-theft alarm function, but also both have UHF tag management functions. The tag not only triggers the burglar alarm, but also sends back product information for the tracking management of clothing and other managed products.

    It complies with EPC C1G2 (ISO 18000-6C) standards and operates at 860-960MHz (worldwide availability). Each tag has a unique ID and stores user data. This tag can be recycled to save costs.
    There are black and white to choose from, if the quantity is large, you can customize the color.
    Tag surface printable pattern, FAMANTARANA, code and so on.

    All kinds of products from hardware to software, including sports products, retail and management of apparel, household products, food, beauty care products, footwear, hardware tools, toys, books, audiovisual products and consumer electronic products, sns, use the source tag.


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