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Button TM Patrol Information, Button TM Patrol Locul de amplasare

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Model: YY326

The TM Patrol Information Button is primarily used for patrol location identification.

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modelul Chip: TM DS1990A-F5
Material Shell: ABS
dimensiune Shell: 4930mm ×
Greutate: 11.2 grame
Indicatorii de mediu: -30℃ ~ + 80 ℃

The TM Patrol Location Button is a stainless steel TM chip packaged in ABS material that is waterproof, shockproof and durable for up to 20 ani. The difference between the information bolt and the information button is that the appearance is packaged into a bolt shape, which can be buried in the wall to be concealed and installed, and the damage resistance is stronger, stronger and more durable.

Packageable TM chip:
read-only tip: DS / TM1990A-F5, (magnetic) DS / TM1990A-F5, TM199D
Citiți și scrieți tipul: RW1990-F5, RW2004-F5, RW057
Citiți și scrieți tipul de criptare: (DS) TM1991L-F5

Caracteristica principală
Rezistent la apă, anti-vibrații, anti-corrosion, can be used in harsh environments. The shell is made of 304 oţel inoxidabil, never rusts, the original uses the original wafer chip, the global 64-bit serial number, family code 01, the world is not subject to any restrictions.

Security patrol location identification, sauna bath door lock, electronic door lock, access control intercom system, Sistemul de control al accesului; biological tracking identification system; warehousing and logistics system; hotel, community card system; sistemul de identificare, bancă, comunicare, railway Transportation, transportation and many other fields; electronic wallets, smart water meter reading system and many other industries.

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