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F-801 LAN Facial Recognition Fingerprint Access Control Attendance Terminal

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Product model: F-801

Can be used alone or in combination: face recognition, fingerprint recognition, proximity card recognition; face recognition + fingerprint recognition, face recognition + proximity card recognition.

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Main technical parameters
CPU: A33 processor 4 cores, running frequency 1.2GHz
RAM: 256MB
Recognition angle: 360°fingerprint full angle recognition, 90°face recognition
Face: (FRR/FAR)0.001/1(%)
Fingerprint: (FRR/FAR)0.00001/0.1(%)
Communication method: TCP/IP, WiFi
Wiegand protocol: a group of input and output
Working voltage / current: 12V1.5A, with customized backup battery
Ring function: timed ring
Anti-demolition function: not supported
Recognition method: face/fingerprint/card/password
Recording capacity: 500,000
Face capacity: 1500 (3000 can be customized)
Password capacity: 5000
ID card capacity: 5000 cards
Fingerprint capacity: 5000
Recognition speed: ≤1 second
Language selection: Chinese Simplified / Traditional Chinese / English
Camera: Dual infrared light HD camera
Screen size: 4.3 inch TFT resistive touch screen
Appearance size: 200×165×70mm
Color: blue

F-801 model LAN facial recognition fingerprint access control and time attendance terminal is a new generation of facial recognition access control and time attendance equipment developed by Haifeng. It uses a quad-core CPU processor operating frequency of 1.2GHz, one 4.3-inch TFT high-definition resistive touch screen, one dual infrared light HD camera, and real-time features Face recognition, one new face recognition algorithm, captures facial features more accurately and faster. Screen size is 4.3 inches, attendance speed of 1 second, 3000 fingerprint capacity, 1500 face capacity, 5000 card capacity, 1000 management record capacity, 300,000 record capacity, support U disk, with ringing, voice prompt, name display and other functions, using TCP/IP and WiFi communication methods, terminal points can be infinitely expanded, very convenient for school, factory, group, office attendance and access control projects.
F-801 model LAN face recognition fingerprint access control attendance equipment can freely set the recognition mode, which can be used alone or in combination: face recognition, fingerprint recognition, proximity card recognition; face recognition + fingerprint recognition, face recognition + proximity card recognition.

Main feature
Large storage capacity: 500 faces, 3000 fingerprints, 1000 cards.
Multiple authentication methods: face, fingerprint, proximity card, password.
Software installation-free, the machine automatically generates an Excel data table.
U disk upload / download. U disk can be used to complete the operation of the machine, simple and fast.
HD dual camera. Dedicated infrared / color dual camera, the recognition is faster, and the recognition at night has no effect.
Large touch screen. 4.3-inch high-definition TFT touch screen, true color display, face recognition is clearer, and touch is more convenient.
Original real-time feature face recognition. The new face recognition algorithm can capture facial features more accurately and quickly. During the recognition process, it can automatically make corresponding light balance processing, which greatly improves the recognition rate and recognition efficiency.
Unique: each face is unique and unique, fundamentally and completely eliminate the replacement of swipe cards, no one can be confused.
Fast: Face recognition processing is fast and accurate, completely avoiding the trouble of queuing and swipe cards, and it can be recognized in one second.
Convenience: No need to worry about forgetting to bring cards, fingerprints are illegible / peeling, the face will always belong to you, you ca n’t forget or forget attendance at any time.
Safety: No contact, no need to worry about the infection of the germs, real-time attendance is necessary, and photos and statues cannot pass.
Smart: Facial makeup changes can be automatically recognized, smart updates, you can dress casually.


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