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مصنوعات کی قسم: FA-69

The attendance management solution is suitable for our F-i60T and F-i218 and other models of Fingerprinter.
It is the best choice for the cost performance of your time and attendance project.

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F-i60T فنگر پرنٹ آلہ تکنیکی پیرامیٹرز
سی پی یو: 400میگاہرٹز
یاداشت: 32M / 64M / 128M فلیش
آپریٹنگ سسٹم: لینکس
الگورتھم ورژن: دیکھیں 10.93 4 بنیادی ٹیکنالوجی
ڈسپلے: TFT 2.4inch
فنگر پرنٹ کی شناخت کی رفتار: 0.5ے
پہچان کی رفتار: .60.6s
غلط فہمی کی شرح: .0.0001٪
شرح سے انکار: ≤0.01٪
فنگر پرنٹ کی گنجائش: 3000/10000/30000/50000
ریکارڈ کی گنجائش: 80000/100000
مواصلات: TCP / IP, RS485, یو ایس بی
بجلی کی فراہمی: ڈی سی 5V
یوز موجودہ: 220ایم اے
موجودہ کام: 300ایم اے
آواز کا اشارہ: آواز کا اشارہ
توثیق کا طریقہ: فنگرپرنٹ, آریفآئڈی کارڈ, پاس ورڈ اور دیگر 15 طریقوں کی قسم
چھوٹا پیغام: ریموٹ کنٹرول کر سکتے ہیں
مشین کی زبان: بہت سی زبانیں (انگریزی, آسان چینی, روایتی چینی, جاپانی, کوریا, تھائی, انڈونیشی, ویتنامی, ہسپانوی, فرانسیسی, پرتگالی, جرمن, روسی, ترکی, اطالوی, چیک, عربی, فارسی اختیاری)
ماحولیاتی نمی: 20%~ 60٪
ماحولیاتی درجہ حرارت: 0℃ ~ 45 ℃
ظاہری شکل سائز: 190(لمبائی)x120(چوڑائی)x30(موٹا)(ملی میٹر)
وزن: 560جی

F-i60T Fingerprint device with 2.4inch screen display, built-in Intel 32-bit processor, using the world's latest quad-core fingerprint recognition algorithm, significantly improve the accuracy and speed of fingerprint recognition. To meet the diverse needs of customers: RF card, fingerprint, پاس ورڈ, any combination of identification. Support TCP / IP protocol, 100M high-speed network, enabling cross-segment data transfer. Time and attendance data support real-time transmission, the use of a stable network platform to improve the reliability of attendance data.

Fingerprint Time Attendance Management Solutions (RS485 or TCP-IP). Seabreeze اسمارٹ کارڈ کمپنی, LTD.

Personnel time and attendance system is an important part of the company management system. On-time staff attendance and fair and reasonable time and attendance management system affects the company's image, staff morale, thus affecting the efficiency of the company's staff, the company's economic efficiency. Now many companies use the attendance methods are: punch clock, magnetic cards, IC cards, contactless cards, ID cards. Although it can play a certain role, the problem is also very prominent: the clock ticking takes a lot of effort and requires multiple staff members to carry out statistical and regular replacement of the card, while the magnetic card there is easy to forget to carry, lose, theft, the production of new cards and other issues . Fundamentally, the above time and attendance method does not verify the employee's identity when verifying the employee's identity, but verifies the validity of the material, so there is the possibility that the punch card can be avoided. The management loophole is congenital.

Fingerprint time and attendance system to remove human feelings and attendance false, save unnecessary overtime for the company employees, the company's staff personnel to perform fair and reasonable and effective, scientific management. Human fingerprints have two biological characteristics: all the different and life-long, and with portable convenience and non-counterfeit security, fingerprint biometrics is the use of these two characteristics of identification, it has fast and easy , Accurate and reliable and security advantages. Employees do not have to keep and carry a variety of card (such as paper cards or IC cards, وغیرہ), with just a touch, you can complete identification. Fingerprint attendance machine is the use of human finger biometrics, time and attendance software integration of the most advanced attendance equipment. It overcomes the shortcomings and shortcomings of the traditional punch card, magnetic card, IC card and other attendance methods on behalf of the punch card, card loss, the most effective way to eliminate man-made factors in attendance management, fully reflects the attendance management of justice, to avoid unnecessary Personnel disputes.
The program with the fingerprint device to provide free time attendance management software.

The attendance management solution is suitable for our F-i60T Fingerprint اور F-i218 Fingerprint or other models of Fingerprinter.
It is the best choice for the cost performance of your time and attendance project.

A variety of networking communications methods: TCP / IP, RS485 and so on;
Offline function, suitable for remote inconvenience Networking applications: U disk to achieve personnel files, attendance records upload and download;
Multi-language menu: انگریزی, جاپانی, کوریا, تھائی, انڈونیشی, ویتنامی, ہسپانوی, فرانسیسی, پرتگالی, جرمن, روسی, ترکی, اطالوی, چیک, عربی, Persian And other languages are free to switch;
Optical collector "enhance the film" to improve image quality, accept dry and wet fingers, support 360-degree finger recognition, easy to use good performance;
The real-time display on the screen staff department, name, registration number;
A number of functions: Automatic data read, automatic backup, automatic calculation of reports, channel management, salary calculation, catering management, personnel management;
Super match: Can support large-capacity fingerprint recognition: 3000,10000,30000,50000 fingerprints can be customized;
24 hours a long time work, equipment is stable and reliable;
Function keys easy to operate.


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