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Temperature range that corresponds to ample management, long-term and low-temperature storage with liquid nitrogen at liquid phase temperature(-196℃).
RFID label data writing and label printing at the same time.
Coordination with the automatic rotary labeling machine to realize automatic labeling on the surface of the freezing tube.
High-speed scanning available with RFID label, a dedicated reader-writer unit can be used to perform a batch identification of 100 tubes in just a few seconds, even when they are frozen at -150℃.
Label size specification and RFID frequency type can be customized according to the sample container and application.

Food and drug cold chain management
Cold chain transportation temperature control tracking management
Blood life cycle management
Medical testing sample management
Vaccine whole process management
Laboratory virus safety management
Reproductive cold chain management
Laboratory sample management
Valuable asset management

Since ordinary RFID labels are prone to problems such as RFID labels falling off or failing in low temperature scenarios, low temperature resistant RFID labels are required for RFID management in many low temperature scenarios. The ultra low temperature resistant RFID electronic labels developed by Seabreeze SmartCard Company can be -196℃ It can be used normally in extreme low temperature and harsh environment, and it has been specially verified under the condition of liquid nitrogen (-196℃), which proves that it can be stored in ultra-low temperature for a long time. Due to the use of low-temperature resistant protective materials and low-temperature resistant adhesives, the low-temperature resistance, anti-interference ability and reading speed of the RFID inlay electronic tag are improved, and it is easy to install and use, and can be pasted on common types of cryopreservation tubes. The low-temperature resistant test tube electronic label combined with RFID technology can realize rapid inventory of sample transfer process and improve efficiency; shorten inventory inventory and transfer time, ensure the quality of transferred samples; reduce errors in the transfer process, and meet e-pass, 醫, blood, pharmaceutical and asset tracking management, food and other industries for the low temperature resistance of electronic labels.




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