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Imodeli yemveliso: KR350M

Use highly secure CPU door card and CPU access reader to effectively prevent the behavior of the clone access card.
Carefully create the world's safest access control reader, absolutely anti-cloning.

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Technical Parameters
Communication protocol: ISO/IEC14443 TypeA
Support card: MF S50/S70 and other chip cards, support CPU card (supports reading sector content)
Power supply: DC 12V (±5%)
Working current: 55mA
Output format: Wiegand 26 or Wiegand 34 (change the output format with the management card)
Induction umgama: 30~100mm
Card reading time: <200Nksk
Transmission distance: 100 meters
Lobushushu Working: -10℃~+60℃
Working humidity: <90% non-condensing
Shell material: ABS
Shell color: silver border, black panel
Imilinganiselo: 86×86×23mm
Ubunzima: 150g

KR350M model CPU card anti-copy access control card reader is a 13.56MHz contactless RF IC card and CPU card integrated access card reader. It is a contactless smart card reader developed based on the ISO/IEC14443A international standard protocol. The radio frequency part adopts the high-performance radio frequency card reading circuit designed by Seabreeze Smart Card Company. Mainly for the practical products developed by the IC access control cards anti-cloning market, it effectively solves the shortcomings of the easy copy access to the MF cards in the market, suitable for old access control projects IC card change to more secure CPU card. The card reader has the characteristics of high cost performance, strong anti-interference ability and stable performance, and is widely used in the field of access control and identification.

Main feature
High performance high speed processor
Use dedicated base station RF chip
Multi-protection design such as anti-static, anti-error wiring
High thermal conductivity epoxy resin package, easy to dissipate heat, good protection performance
Strong resistance to metal shields and readers mutual interference
The buzzer sounds crisp and loud, and the tone is not disturbed

Application field
Access control attendance, file management, electronic tickets, product anti-counterfeiting, bus card, anti-theft, patrol, One Card Solution, consumer systems and other radio frequency identification applications.


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