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RFID 和 NFC 技術追踪金屬容器


RFID 和 NFC 技術追踪金屬容器

Although RFID technology is widely used, 仍有許多公司或個人一直在尋求更強大的 RFID 解決方案來應對更複雜的用例, 能夠在具有挑戰性的環境中處理庫存跟踪,並可以連接到雲以識別, 認證, locate various products.
BY6230 series RFID cylinder tags are metal assets designed for various curved surfaces in supply chain, 後勤, 庫存管理, suitable for curved industrial recyclable transportation items such as bulk containers, gas cylinders and kegs. These tags can be affixed to steel containers for remote tracking, logistics and management from the warehouse to distribution and transportation, designed to enable Internet of Things (物聯網) capabilities such as authenticating products and allowing customers to exchange information directly with items and suppliers via their smartphones.
Streamline workflows by using RFID technology to securely connect devices, inventory, and billions of other items to local and web-based business applications. The new cylinder series tags optimize the entire inventory lifecycle management process through the tracking of recyclable assets throughout the supply chain and real-time tracking information to customers, and the cloud-connected capabilities of the tags improve the customer’s reordering process and provide valuable marketing data to help optimize inventory and optimize marketing activities.

RFID鋼瓶電子標籤, RFID汽缸標籤, RFID汽缸管理標籤, 從海風智能卡有限公司. --5

These RFID tags are designed to improve the efficiency of the operation of recyclable transported items while ensuring the safe transportation and return of these recyclables to steel containers. Distribution centers can use the tag’s RFID technology to manage the process of reusing, cleaning, and shipping recyclable cylinders. At the consumer point, NFC technology enables customers to identify product information inside the cylinder, product production and expiration dates, re-orders, and interact with suppliers, all of which can be done by customers through the NFC function on a smartphone or handheld terminal.

                              (Source: Shenzhen Seabreeze Smart Card Co.,Ltd.)


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