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Main Parameters
Dwang krag weerstand:
Algemene magnetiese strook (loco): 300 OE
Hoë magnetiese strook (HiCo): 2750 OE of 4000 OE
Magnetiese strook kleur: swart, bruin, rooi, groen, ens opsionele
Magnetiese strook breedte: standaard 12.5mm of 8mm
temperatuur: 130± 10 ℃(266± 50 ℉)
dimensie: ISO7816 CR80 85,60 × 53,98 × 0.50mm of volgens die kliënt requirment
Base fillet radius: 3.18± 0.3mm.
materiaal: bedekte papier
druk: 2*4-kleur offset

The paper magnetic stripe card and the general PVC magnetic stripe card do not have much difference in the function of use. It is only because of the physical material that the number of paper magnetic stripe card is very limited. Generally, it can only be brushed a few times, so it is usually used in one time places used, soos: one-time ticket entry and exit, one-time consumption and other places, in addition to this factor, other aspects are still very good compared to the PVC magnetic stripe card, its advantage is that the price is relatively affordable, especially in In the above-mentioned use environment, it is more cost-effective than the PVC magnetic stripe card, because it can be easily discarded without causing damage to the environment, and PVC is particularly damaging to the environment.

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